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New to Scouts, could use some advice

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Well, if you're the new CC - you need to introduce yourself to the Pack. (there's a new sheriff in town...)


At the next pack meeting (or next den meeting, if you do all the den meetings at the same day/time) introduce yourself to the parents and scouts and let them know what a CC does, AND WHAT A CUBMASTER DOES.


You can explain that your job is to make the pack run (calendar, budget, fundraising plans, events, etc.), and how this is different than the Cubmaster's responsibilities (X,Y & Z) - and how you support each other without doing each other's job. Bring printouts of official CC & CM position definitions with you & hold them up in plain view as you explain the two roles - then leave them out where anyone can read them.


Also - let the parents know that implementing all the things you're responsible for goes beyond what any one person is capable of - and that you'll be asking them to help in various ways.



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I really think that before anyone does anything (Not just with regard to this situation, but in just about anything.) We need to know what we are doing and at least have some idea of how to go about getting it done. Or "How to get there".

From what has been posted, it seems clear that this Pack is in a bit of a mess.

No one seems to know what or how a "Real Pack" works or should work.

If I were the District Commissioner.

I'd send in my best Cub Scout Commissioner to help them sort out the mess.

I'd ask the District Training Team to try and offer user friendly training's ASAP. From wherever they were available. (Self-training via the net or by reading the BSA publications that are out there. As well as the traditional training's)

Just moving people around to do jobs that they know little or nothing about is not going to fix what isn't working!





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It sounds like your position was changed at re-charter. A new Adult Application is not needed to simply switch positions within a Pack. Since there are so few registered adults in your Pack, and a specific number of positions which MUST be filled to have a valid charter, I would bet they simply changed your position code. A Pack MUST have a registered CC, it can do without a registered Asst CM.


Getting everyone trained for their position should help. At least you will all know what you SHOULD be doing, and how a Pack is supposed to work. Weather or not you all actually DO it is another thing altogether.

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That is not true...anytime you switch a position in a unit, you must fill out a new application. Most people don't, but it's required. And yes, for every position change. Tiger Leader to Wolf Leader, none for changing to Bear Leader, you are still a Den Leader. Another app for changing from Bear to Webelos Den Leader. ACM to CM? yup....every change of position. Check with the DE on that one, and if they tell you "no", they are wrong.


On the note of being the CC, the CM was way out of line if it comes to light that the CM put this scouter down for CC, without her knowledge.


For what it's worth, get educated on your position, Tdcd, and then put together a great plan, with the help of the committee...and as for forming a committee, give a detailed job description, and ask them specifically what you want them to do..."Can you help on the committee?" is too vague. "I need someone to take over as Secretary, it's a committee position, and entail taking notes at every committee meeting, along with some other duties." and then hand them a copy of the official description. "Go ahead and look it over, and I will call you later this week to see if that will work for you." If they won't commit, then ask if there is something else that would suit them on the committee..."how about treasurer?" or "how about events coordinator?"....the funny thing is that it will take some time to build it, be patient...


If you build it, they will come....

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Let me clarify... the only other active committee member is the COR, and yes, I was put in the position without my knowledge or consent.

Armed with the knowledge you all have so willingly provided, as well as referencing my books, and the online training, I sat down and made a tentative schedule for the pack. At last nights meeting, all of the parents in attendance informally went over it, and all voiced how thrilled they were that there was some structure finally being introduced. One of our new mothers stepped up for the Webelos leader position, we filled the secretary position, and we have decided that our new pack committee meets for the first time next Wednesday. Until we have more active parents, I'm afraid that several of us will be taking on many duties, but at least now we have a system of checks and balances in place that will help guide us.

Our meeting last night was a blast, and I really do think it's because some of us finally knew what we were supposed to be doing. For the record, our CM was not there, as she was at a meeting for one of her children, but her son did come (which I found interesting, but did not discourage).

Thanks to this board, and you smart folks, Pack 798 is charged for the future, and nothing's going to stop us now :) :)

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Scouter Cleary,


WRONG ANSWER. Go take the Recharter -45 days orientation offered by your District Executive and Commissioner Staff. With Scoutnet internet recharter, you do not need a new app for Scouters, ON THE BOOKS, who are changing assignments within the current unit structure.


If they're moving up from Cubbing to Boy, yeah, they need an app.


If they're initially enrolling during recharter, yeah, they need an app.


If they're changing position, no, they do not need an app.


ScoutNet will guide you about exactly whose app must be part of the recharter packet.

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