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How to get started in Scouting as an adult volunteer?

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I'm an adult (36 year old male) who would like to volunteer with Scouting. I was a Cub Scout as a kid, but never a Boy Scout (we moved when I was in Webelos, and my new town's Boy Scouts program was in shambles at the time). I have a son who's about to turn three, but I'd like to get involved now instead of when he's old enough. I participate in a number of outdoor activities, and I'd like to use those skills in some capacity to help.


One of the things that's gotten me more interested in volunteering with Scouting is that a friend of ours is in the Air Force Reserve, and his unit has been activated for duty in Iraq. He'll be leaving for 12-18 months in Baghdad in June. They have a kindergartener who'll be without his dad for all of first grade and most of second. I'll be doing all I can for them while my friend is away in Iraq, but that really made me think about all the other kids out there who don't have a strong male presence in their lives. I'd really like to get involved in something like Scouting where I can hopefully make a difference for some boys.


What's the best way to get started as a Scouting volunteer?





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Hey Kudzu. Welcome to the Forum. Sometimes it's so hard to get parents to volunteer in Scouting so it's wonderful to hear to want to get started even though your son is not old enough to join yet. And, also to help out those boys whose fathers may be away serving their country.


Have a couple of ways to find out how to sign up.


- If you know your council's name, check around for their website. They will probably have contact information for your district.


- your local Chamber of Commerce may have contact information for Boy Scouts. Likewise, local United Way.


- Since I gather from your post you're wanting to join Cub Scouts, contact the elementary schools in your area. Especially the one you think your friend's son goes to. They usually have "roundups" at the beginning of the school year and recruit boys to the Cub Scout Packs in your area. They may have contact info.


There are many others on this forum that probably have more ideas.


Good luck and welcome back to Scouting.

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Welcome back to Scouting.


I commend you for your motivation to serve the youth of your area, especially those who may be missing a fatherly influence.


There are many paths you can take in scouting as an adult volunteer - serving a unit, working at the district level, developing council programs. It sounds like you want to work closely with boys and have a direct impact on their lives. Serving as a den leader or Cubmaster (or assistant) in a Cub Scout Pack would certainly fit the bill, and allow you to grow in your involvement in anticipation of your son's joining up in a few more years. Depending on your outdoor skill set, involvement in a Boy Scout Troop or Venture Crew could also be worthwhile for you and the young men (and ladies) you serve.


Follow the good advice of the others about locating a unit, and your heart, and you will surely find a scouting path that is soft on the feet and takes you to where you have always wanted to go.


Best of luck.



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Welcome Kudzu,


Once you get Scouting in your blood it's tough to lose it!


As far as where to start, the Cub program and Boy Scout program from an adult leader standpoint are quite different. I have two boys in Cub Scouts (twins), an older boy in Boy Scouts and my daughter is in a Crew, and I love working with each group! SemperParatus did a good job of outlining the different areas you could get involved.

As you can imagine the interaction with each group is different as the maturity level is different, but the bottom line is I am getting to spend QUALITY time with my kids in a fun environment.


My recommendation would be to start simple. Start right now! Find the Pack your friends son would join, and start going to the Tiger Den Meetings, that way when your friend's son starts you can sign up as the new Tiger Den Leader!


PS - If your are in New Mexico we'll take you!!!!!!


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Welcome Kudzu,

Do you know if you would prefer hands on with boys, or one of those pricless people that lurks in the shadows that does all the unseen work that is so terrably important. Some times leaders are afraid to give you jobs, becouse they are afraid to scare you off. Possably have them give you a list of things that need attention, and you can start small, with one project, and go on from there. Good Luck, and welcome

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Some Packs, like mine, go camping a couple time a year. Get BALOO trained (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) to take them camping. Become camping commitee chair, or the go to person for hiking(at some point all levels require going on a hike to full their requirements). Run the Webelos outdoor Activities (Outdoorsman, Naturalist, Forester. Run a Pack or den fishing trip to a local lake or river and teach them to fish.


There are special awards they can earn, like Cub Scout World Conservation and Leave-No-Trace.


We are losing a Cubmaster and Camping committe chair next year. We could use you here in South-Eastern NY (NYC people say we are upstate NY, but I have a short trip to get to CT, NJ, and PA).

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The Pack will probably tell you where they need someone the most. Try to avoid accepting a Den Leader position in your first year. Assistant Den Leader would be good - that would give you a chance to learn the ropes without the pressure of being in charge.


I REALLY like Vigil-Hiker's suggestion. It is a lot of work to pull the Pack together for a campout and in my experience it could be done much better if there was a person in charge who didn't have many other responsibilities. Having an extra BALOO trained leader is a big plus for a Pack so take care of that training at your first opportunity.


Where are you located by the way? Judging by your handle it must be somewhere in the South.

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You jump in feet first and start swimming. Then you get trained.


NO NO it is the other way around.


In reality contact your local Council and see which District and Pack you son will be in when he starts Cubs. Contact the leadership of that unit and go from there. But I can't stress training enough. We have a wonderful guy in our District that trying to work in Scouting without training is like trying to push a rope up hill.

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