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Court of Honor

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not meaning to bust your chops or anything...but you shouldn't be planning the CoH..."boy led" remember?


The boys should be given the job...they most likely have seen them before (unless you are a brand new troop?) You might be asked to hand out the awards but they should M.C. the event (communications merit badge anyone?), and run the show, including an opening, announcements (adults can ask for time here), awards, SM minute, a moment for your chaplain/ chaplain aide and a closing (and refreshments and cleanup-if same are planned) Take a deep breath and stand back cup of coffee in hand.


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Hi, SMBURNS. Here are some suggestions - to pass along to the PLC:


1. Keep it simple; Opening including presenting the colors and reciting the Pledge of Alegence, and possibly a short prayer.


2. Welcoming remarks by the master of ceremonies, usually the SPL. That makes it "boy-led".


3. Awarding of rank advancements; Advancement Chair usually does this.


4. Awarding of Merit Badges; ASM can do this.


5. Other recognitions and awards. New members of the O.A., religious awards, etc.


6. (optional) Scoutmaster's Minute.


7. Closing: retire the colors.


8. Refreshments ("If you're not having fun and you don't have food, you're doing it wrong!")

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Having a Scout up front does not make it "boy led". The PLC should plan it with the Scoutmaster advising it. In fact there is requirements for in a merit badge for the scout to plan one. When I was scoutmaster sometimes the SPL and PLC would ask some scouts needing that requirement to plan one and they would then approve it. The adults should only request time from the PLC not plan it.

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Here's another technique: the Troop Committee plans and executes the whole thing. SM and SPL sign cards and offer congratulations, and that's about it. Committee chair is the MC; Advancement chair has advancements arranged for CC. Other committee members (and some drafted parents) set up and serve the pot luck. For once, the boys are "off duty"; all they need to do is enjoy their accomplishments with their friends and family. Our COHs are a tribute to them; they're treated like honored guests.


We have had COHs planned and MC'd by Scouts to meet their Communications MB requirement, but many opt to plan the campfire program instead, so they can relax and enjoy the COH.


Maybe not the standard approach for your unit, but it works for us.



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In our troop, it's the boys' show. We usually have 2 scouts serving as MCs - sometimes to meet the communications MB requirement but not always. The Service Patrol does the opening and closing flage, the MCs run the rest. The format is fairly standard and a program is produced by a committee member which lists all the awards being given and the standard agenda. Advancement chair prepares all the MB and rank advancement cards, ensures proper signatures etc and gives them to the MCs. At the end of the program is a segment for Committee Announcements and the ScoutMaster Minute - that's the only time you see the adults :)


... we're currently at 100 scouts so the 2 MCs make sense with the number of awards presented each COH.


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