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You mean like an intarsa pattern? Check this out.


Or do you mean traditional woodcarving



Something my troop did when I was a Scout is that we got an opaque projector (similar to an overhead projector) and transfered the BSA logo onto a piece of plywood, traced it, cut it to shape and painted it. It looked pretty cool at Courts of Honor.

Hope this helps.

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Old grey Eagle, I recently with help of my wife built a Court of Honor Center piece. We made a copy of the First Class Scout Badge placed it on a zip file, took it to Kinkos had them put it on a black background. Next I had them print to 11x17 on a good paper. Cost $7.50. I then took the copy traced the outline onto 3/4 plywood and cut it out. My wife, watch this poor spelling >>> decoposhed (SIC) the color copy to the wood. The combination of the black background and the finish gives it a 3-D appearance. I imagine you can do the same with the Eagle Medal or Rank Badge. I took the art work from a CD I purchaced from the folks here at Scouter Magazine.


Good Luck

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