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We're moving to sort of central Phoenix about Christmas time. Any troop(s) in that area looking for a package deal? For a small fee of a welcoming smile, you get:

1 - One 15-year old Life scout with den chief experience (would like to find a den to serve), OA ordeal completed.

2 - A mom willing to register as an ASM, fully trained in Texas and willing to do additional training as needed. Fat and a little crippled but camps anyway. Good natured and supports a boy-run program. Training experience.

3 - A dad who doesn't care for weekly meetings much but is usually ready for camping duty. Major vice is cigarettes.

4 - possible 14-year old female Venturer or Girl Scout also available after March 1


In addition, a 19-year old potential ASM is negotiable, but troop must accept long hair and pierced ear. Non-smoker, non-drinker.

Small-to-medium sized troop preferred, home school or unschoolers preferred, and we're United Methodists also seeking a small to medium UM church...


I hope y'all don't mind me asking here. Our move is involuntary but we're looking for a silver lining. Finding a great troop would really help. I expect to be quite busy with my new job and don't want to leave this to chance once we move as it's too easy to delay. My son just made Life and I don't want him to lose his momentum.

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You might want to go to www.scouting.org which is the BSA National website and click on the local counci finder at the top of the page. Then type in a zip code and it will take you to the local council website. You should be able to at least find a telephone number or maybe even a listing of units with contact information.


Good luck.



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While at this time I am uncertain if there is a unit in Arizona that will meet all your requirements. If you would change your plans and move to Greensburg, I feel sure that we could meet and fulfill your needs and those of your family. In fact I am aware of just the District that is in dire need of more Scouting type families.

Still if you are at this time unable to change your plans, I wish you a happy and safe move and the best of British Luck in your new unit.


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thanks, Eamonn, my husband was raised in Pa and would have been delighted to return - but alas, the job I've been offered is out west. My scouting son wanted me to take another position I was offered in Virginia near DC, but the cost of living there just seemed unmanageable... he really was hoping for 4 seasons, but it was not to be.


Still hoping that there's an Arizona scouter out there - I've googled it several times and haven't found a unit yet.



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Welcome to Arizona! I'm in the Tucson area so...can't help you with a Phoenix troop. Sorry you're having difficulty getting a response from "up there". I'm sure there are several fine troops in the area and you shouldn't have a problem fitting in. It's my perception that the majority of people in AZ are from somewhere else and easily welcome new people. Good luck.


SHHH! Don't tell anybody, but Arizona is the best place to be in Scouts. The weather makes it possible to be comfortable outdoors all times of the year (IMHO). Deserts in the winter and mountains in the summer. OH yeah, and we've got the Grand Canyon!





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