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New to Scouting Again ...... Akela???

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my favorite


If you can see destroyed the work of your life

And, without saying a word, putting to you to rebuild

Or to lose of only one blow the profit of one hundred parts

Without a gesture and a sigh,

If you can be lover without being insane of love,

If you can be strong without ceasing being tender

And, feeling you hated, without hating in your turn,

However to fight and defend you;


If you can support to hear your words

Disguised by the malicious ones to excite the stupid ones

And to intend to lie on you their insane mouths

Without lying yourself of a word,

If you can remain worthy while being popular,

If you can remain people by advising the kings

And if you can love all the friends as brothers

Without none them being very for you;


If you can meditate, observe and know,

Without never becoming skeptic or destroying,

To dream, but without letting your dream be your Master,

To think, without being only one thinker,

If you can be hard without never being in rage,

If you can be brave without never being imprudent,

If you can be good, if you can be wise,

Without being moral, nor pedant;


If you can meet triumph after defeat

And to receive these two liars of a same face,

If you can preserve your courage and your head

When all the others lose them,

Then, kings, gods, the chance and victory

Will be forever your subjected slaves

And, which is better well than the kings and glory,

You will be a man, my son.



Rudyard Kipling

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