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Leader Training at Philmont

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I received a package from Philmont on some leader training that they offer during the summer and fall. Training sounds pretty good, and I would love to see the place ( could never make when a Scout ). However, it's a LONG way from North Carolina to Cimarron.


Have any of you been to these courses? Are they worth the drive?

My wife has NO interest in staying in tent cities. Are there any hotels and attractions in the area?


Thanks in advance!

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Dear Stan: Over the years I have attended four Philmont training courses, the last one this September.


You received the packet because someone in your council, probably your district DE or council executive staff, thought you would be a good candidate for that course. It is expected that you will make a commitment to bring back what you have learned and share it with your fellow scouters, or use the information in your current or near future scouting position.


If the course that you are considering says that you will be in the backcountry and not able to be with your family, believe it! But, there will still be plenty of things for your family to do without you. It's a great vacation for your spouse, and the kids, and doesn't cost that much.


Once you have received the invitation from PTC (Philmont Training Center) you can actually choose to attend a different course if you wish, but it doesn't hurt to clear it with your council, or commitee chair first.


I have brought various members of my family with me three times. Sure, they are in a tent, but it's large, has two cots, is on a platform, and has electricity.


The PTC staff is great, you get fed three times a day, and there are tons of things for all the family to do based on their age.


Philmont is 1,300 miles from home and I have driven several times, plus taken Amtrak. Philmont will pick you up from the Amtrak station at Raton if you wish. A car is nice, because you and your family usually have Wednesday free to go touring, and Taos is only a couple hours away.


There's free shuttle bus service to Cimarron, and people car-pool a lot.


As far as motels, there's not much. A couple places in Cimarron, and the St. James Hotel.

There is a RV park in town, so you might consider renting a small camper and driving out.


Counting treks and training, I've been to Philmont eight times. Each time I say it will be my last, but it probably won't be!









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