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Smaller pack flag

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I have a very small pack in South Carolina. We have a Pack flag. It came from the scout shop. It is very large. It cost a small fortune.


We use it in pack events and treat it with great respect.


However, when we take this group of young boys on a campout or other outdoor event, I hesitate to take this large flag.

It is difficult for the boys to handle for long periods of time and I am worried it will end up in a mud puddle.


I want a smaller version (like 2 x 3) of the flag to take and display at these events. However, the scout shop offers nothing less than a 3x5.


Has anyone else dealt with this problem?



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The official flag is 3x5 and no other size is offered. Yes, this flag is large for small boys to handle, and yes, it does cost a small fortune. When I was a Cubmaster of a new Pack, our parents (and CO) had a heart attack when I told them the cost for our Pack Flag.


The flag size is not going to change, so you'll have to make changes with your approach. Have only the Webelos Cub Scouts carry the flag in parades or other "marching" events because they are older and physically more capable. It also provides a goal for younger Scouts to achieve. Carrying the flag for your Pack is a sign of trust and respect.


Buy quality flag harnesses for parades and the flags practically carry themselves. Check your local military surplus stores for parade flagpoles and brass cupped, cotton harnesses.


Teach proper flag techniques during a Pack meeting so everyone will be familiar with how to properly handle, fold, carry, and (most importantly) RESPECT the flag. The Pack flag should receive the same amount of respect and care as our American Flag.


If an accident does happen, and it ends up in a mud puddle, it can be dry-cleaned or washed with Woolite by hand or a gentle cycle in the machine (air dry only). Cleaning instructions should have been included with the flag when you bought it.


Carry your flags with pride, and display them whenever and wherever your Pack gathers!


Good Luck....

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