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I served as a Merit Badge Counselor this past weekend at a "Merit Badge College" type of event. The other counselor and I were only able to sign off one of the six scouts attending, mostly because the other scouts had done very little advance preparation.


Now, in fairness to those scouts (none of whom grumbled about it), the e-mail that was sent out to them before the event wasn't totally clear on what they needed to do, and it was only sent out a couple of days before the event. The scouts have the contact information for the other counselor and me, and we're hopeful that some of them will follow up with the additional requirements.


This does appear to be a merit badge that can be completed in one session, as long as the scout does the right preparation. So for future use, I made the following web page, which lays out exactly what the scout needs to do. I hope this information will make clear that the scout won't pass any requirements simply by sitting through a "class".


I also included links to web sites that should be reliable sources of information, either instead of or in addition to the MB book.


Here's the page:




I would appreciate any suggestions for changes or additions. Also, if other scouters find it helpful, feel free to make use of it.

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Very nice, Clem. I like the idea of the 4 columns listing the number / the requirement / what the scout needs to do before meeting with the MBC / what the scout has to do when meeting with the MBC, and the links with the on-line resources. I will borrow that format, if you don't mind, with the merit badges for which I am a counselor.(This message has been edited by AZMike)

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Nice job; I will keep this on file for my own use if okay, since I also counsel it.


Just a suggestion of additional important figures to add, along with links of use. It is likely that without Robinson, the first group would have been less successful and might very well have failed, as Robinson was responsible for landing West. Of course we all know about Hillcourt and I still do not believe they left him off the list to start with.


Edgar M. Robinson: Part of initial founders group and instrumental in establishing the successful committee.




William Hillcourt; AKA Green Bar Bill: Wrote many of best early manuals and instrumental in many of the best training materials relating to the Patrol Method.




http://www.scouter.com/features/0290.asp(This message has been edited by skeptic)

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