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Do you need a Blue Card to work on a MB ?

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To answer the original question:




To answer the next question:

Yes, to EARN aMB, the Scout needs a properly signed Blue Card.


Now, keeping that in mind, back in the dim dark ages, here's how a Scout did it:

1) Scout browses thru the Scout Handbook for Boys, notes that there is a MB in a topic he is interested in (Aviation, say).

2) Scout goes to SM, says, "Mr. A, how do I earn a MB?" Mr. A pulls out and looks in a well worn booklet and says, call this phone number, and they will tell you the names of the MB Counselors for... what MB?

3) Four or five days later, after band practice and dinner and homework, Scout pulls out the note with the Council office number on it. Figures the office is closed at 9pm, and goes to his mom. "Mom? can you call this office and ask them for the name of a Merit Badge Counselor for Aviation? I'll be in school when they're open".

4) Mom calls the number the next day, gets transferred three times, eventually gets the name of the only MBC in Aviation still registered. He lives about 30 miles away (!) on the other side of the river.

5) Next time mom and Scout visit the big department store in town, he buys the MBBook at the stores Scout Dept (!).

6) Scout takes name and number from mom (real good meatloaf, mom!) and calls him. Dad has already coached him in the niceties and courtesies of calling a strange man.

7) Scout has a looooong conversation with the MBC, who is a retired aircraft engineer and amateur pilot. He talks about the models he has made, the kites he has flown, the uncle he has that won trophies in glider flying. Makes an appointment to visit the MBC at his home a two weeks hence. Scout gathers up his models, starts writing the papers for the MB. Dad gets aviation charts from local airport. 6) Scout visits with MBC. Dad drove him there. Spends an hour in his workshop, R/C flying models every where. Covers most of the requirements. Makes appt. for another meeting.

8) Home again, complete requirements.

9) Dad drives over for next appt. Spend another hour plus talking aviation. Mucho cool.

10) MBC takes out a tan card FROM HIS DESK, fills it out with Scout's name etc. , signs it, dates it, lists his address and phone number. Hands it to Scout.

11) Scout presents card to SM, who copies info from it to another list, hands card back to Scout. That is the card in the Scouts "memory" box. That is the card he presented to the Eagle Board to show he had earned it. No triple page do-hickey.


The times they have a-changed.

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Thanks, Click, for your selective quote. Here's mine from the last highlighted paragraph in ...


"In any case, through the years, many councils have created new forms and approaches to the process, some including IT components. In an effort to gather and consider these potential best practices, councils are now asked to submit descriptions and copies of their blue card alternatives to the national Advancement Team."


That's our lovely AG acknowledging that cards "don't have to be blue, they don't even have to be cards." And, national is open to the possibility of them being something completely different.


But you do have a point. Kids, down try any of this without council approval and their accountability to national!

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