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Merit Badge Counselors

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Welcome to the forums, Backroads!


As far as I know, An MBC may counsel any merit badge (for which he is registered & qualified) to any registered scout. I'm not aware of any "limits" like the ones you list. It might be worth a phone call to your local council for clarification, as your council just might have such a policy.

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No rule against it, but any scoutmaster that has the best interest of the scouts in mind would send his scouts to a variety of counselors rather than to one counselor for many badges.


Why look for a rule from National to back up a decision that a scoutmaster should be making? We're already awash with rules; dont need rules to make decisions at the unit level that further the aims of scouting.(This message has been edited by venividi)

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There is no national rule regarding it as others stated.....



But in the best interest of the boys....a fellow who is a ditch digger probably shouldn't be teaching nuclear science or Dentistry........


There are a lot of parents and leaders who become merit badge councilors just so their boys don't have to use the program as intended......



I only teach the merit badges I consider myself expert in the subject matter.



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Welcome. There are no limits BUT... The MBC MUST be registered and approved by Council for EACH Merit Badge that they are teaching.


Someone registered to be a MBC for say "Archery" is not automatically approved for "Camping" because they are a registered MBC. They must be approved for each Merit Badge.


My $0.02


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Backroads and Fellow Scouters,


There was a recent Youtube video on the Scouting Channel from the National BSA Conference in May. The topic was advancement.



Without replaying the entire video, they seemed to talk this very subject 20 minutes into the session, and seemed to relate that Scout leaders and merit badge counselors should be realistic in the depth of their knowledge and what they do know as a profession, avocation or hobby. Also that part of the MB program is for Scouts to meet and dialogue with a variety of people in various hobbies and professions, beyond returning over and over to just one person/counselor.


But I recall the bottom line was no established limit of how many MBs a person may counsel is set by national; and also a Scout may return to the same counselor for multiple MBs.


As I said in a recent post, check the Youtube Scouting Advancements conference session out for validity and I hope I'm correct in my recall. (haha)


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Thanks for the clarification. Checked into it (easy enough as I work for a council) as far a council policy.


We have no limit per Scout, but we have a council limit of 10 badges per counselor due to what was apparently a horrible trend back in the day of people single-handledly getting Junior his Eagle.


Yes, I find it very wise such policies be made on a local level.

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