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looks like we need a little good news here

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There's been lots of grumpy conversation around here lately and good news seems in order. So I thought I'd share with you all that my son successfully completed his Eagle BOR last night!


He said he had a really good conversation with the board members and he's been walking a few feet off the ground all day. :)


Thanks to all the scouters who have helped him along the way.



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I'll play along with this.


First, congrats to your son.


Second, we had our troop COH last night, only two scouts in the troop weren't in attendance, both called ahead of time with good reasons. SPL ran the COH, which was only the second or third time that's happened recently so we're still making progress on the boy led path. After the COH we had troop elections, at the last PLC the scouts decided to go to mixed age patrols. They formed one Venture patrol with about a half dozen senior guys and then two regular patrols of 11 each. Had one of my 16 year olds step up and get himself elected SPL, before he agreed to do it he made his Venture Patrol buddies promise they'd help him be successful. Patrol A (they don't have names yet)elected the scout I thought would get elected, Patrol B elected one of our first year scouts, mine is not to reason why nobody asked me to vote.


All in all a fun evening of the boys taking care of their program.

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