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Eagle Project scope creep

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Agreed. I think you need to read Thomas's other thread on the overall meeting with the IH first. I did not.


Sounds like the IH is looking for someone to bully and blame his problems on. I'd be hesitant about sending a Scout into a solo meeting with this guy.

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calico there is more going on here than just an eagle project.


As someone said earlier sounds like the post commander has an issue with the scouts....this is a big no win...



In rereading the original post....I can see where thomas said that it came up in a business meeting....


At this point I think the young man should go elsewhere for his project...

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This is turning into a little more drama then I care to deal with.


Give me the benefit of the doubt that as a seasoned SM I am doing what I can to develop the scout and allow the scout to lead his project. I drew up the plans and sat down with the scout and discussed it with him and and his mom. I had a slight warning tone in my voice so if this boy looked at this and freaked out at the magnitude of the project I could pick up on it. He did not.


He and his mom were resolute that this was the project he wanted to do.



I learned today that the old pavilion was 8'x16' the new one we proposed 12'x16' or 50% bigger than the original.


I am concerned that the boy should not have direct contact with the IH without a SM as the IH will bully the scout. The boy and the mom are talking to the IH direct;y and leaving me out. All the better.


But the IH continues to call me and leave messages saying things that he has thought this over and he just can't have the smaller pavilion. I have not called him back as I fear it will turn into a bigger disagreement than I want. The latest is that The IH is calling an ASM to have the plans re-drawn.


Fearing that we will never get this right with the IH, my wife is suggesting that I step away as the advisor for this project. But I feel I will be letting the scout down. It has also been suggested that we require the IH to supply a certified drawing of what he wants. The final thought is to build a pavilion at a nearby veteran's home.


The scout and the IH will meet tomorrow. I am out of town and won't be there.


I am just shaking my head in disgust over how the AM Legion Post and and the Scout unit are supposed to be partners in developing young men. That is not the case with this new IH. Until now we have had great relations with the Post.










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Apologies, Tom. Since I -- and I assume most regulars here -- don't know you or your experience level that well, we tend to approach issues starting from ground zero.


I would be concerned about the Scout meeting with the IH, too. Do you think the mom is capable of dealing with the guy either?


Sounds like time to start talking Plan B's. Both for the Scout and the Troop. I would get my district advancement chair or the Eagle project committee involved as appropriate. If you involve them early and this project goes down in the trees, they'll be in a better position to help make a quick decision a substitute project or to help the Scout file for an extension, if necessary.


I also think it would be smart to start making mental notes on new chartered organizations. Maybe the current IH comes and goes before too much damage is done. Maybe some of the other suggestions made in the other thread pay off. Maybe the more reasonable members of the CO help you out. But maybe not. I would at least be looking around and would give my DE a heads up on the issues your having.


Speaking of which, has your DE had his REQUIRED meeting with the IH? Maybe good for a non-unit person to take the guy to lunch. That may put him in a little better "listen and learn" state of mind.

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Speaking of which, has your DE had his REQUIRED meeting with the IH? Maybe good for a non-unit person to take the guy to lunch. That may put him in a little better "listen and learn" state of mind.


I'm having a good laugh. Our DE, while a fine fellow and an asset to the district, is on the young side. Early twenties. Not sure how well it would go over if he was trying to put a 67 year old retired military type with an apparent attitude into "listen and learn" mode.


Regardless, it is his job, and depending on his skill set, he might do some good. But I would not really expect the average DE to solve the problem as presented here.

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Thomas, you say that it was the previous commander who signed off on the project? You would be advised to sit with him over a beverage and discuss what you've been experiencing. Don't expect him to come up with a solution then and there, but let "Legion Politics" do their work. If the Post has a building and property, they most likely have an Executive Board,which the Past Commander is a member of. (The E-Board is in charge of property and building matters.) Let him "work his magic." You and your scout can only gain by doing this, trust me.


The AL is more of a democracy, not a dictatorship where the Commander has the final word; he represents the Post membership. Relax, I think this is going to work out fine.

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Yah, I'm bumpin' this thread because of somethin' Eagledad said in another thread.


Thomas54, I think yeh should trust FrankScout's advice in terms of how to work with an American Legion post, eh? He's wise, and has real experience.


Let me also clarify what I meant (and what I think some others meant) in terms of havin' the lad work with the IH instead of you. Da biggest reasons to do that in my mind are twofold.


First, because a 17 year old boy is a young adult and he really is capable of handlin' this sort of thing. I don't much care for da notion of adult volunteers of any stripe being called "bullies" without more cause than what's been shown here, but even if that were God's honest truth I think an Eagle Scout has da character to handle bullies. It might be challengin', but that's OK. Right now he has you and family and da whole troop as support. In a year when he has to deal with bullying professors like packsaddle he won't have those things. ;) Call it a dry run.


Da second reason is that havin' him work with the boy is part of da education of the IH. Most adults behave better when young people are around, eh? More importantly, it allows the IH to see the lad's good intentions, appreciate what da limits of a boy are in terms of doin' work, and get a real sense for the mentoring aspect of da scouting program. That's a good thing, that will help your relationships with your new IH in the long run. If there are issues, it allows you to come back to da IH and frame those issues in terms of a great young man whom da IH has met, eh? Yeh can make it about helpin' a boy instead of da adult-needs conversation you're in right now.


The third reason of course is that this is the lad's project, eh? Don't sell him short. It may just be that after meetin' with da IH and gettin' an appreciation for his vision, the lad might be excited by da extra challenge and want to go the extra mile. That should be his choice.


I don't know if yeh took the "leave it to the boy" comments personally, but yeh shouldn't have. I think they were really good advice, especially when you and da IH seem to be "hot" over other stuff. Break things into smaller, digestible pieces, eh? Too much stuff to be hot over reaches critical mass and goes boom.


But da best advice here? Listen to FrankScout. Don't get too worked up.


And let us know how it's comin' along!






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