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SM and ASMs drop ball -- AC catches flak.

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I read this much differently than some of your folks. The way I read this is that BORs were done at a recent camping trip, the lads were expecting to get their badges at the next COH but no one at the camp (whether it was the boys or the adults) remembered to tell the AC that Johnny and Bobby completed ranks, and when they didn't get the patches at the COH, their parents tag teamed the AC, who was not informed about the advancements and the SM/ASMs didn't "man up" and jump in to take the blame. I would have dumped the position immediately too, if that had happened - you can't expect someone to give of their time then expect them to take the heat for your mistakes - and it was an inadvertant mistake - but it wasn't the AC's mistake.

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I see it like Calico.

It was an oopsie, BOR done right before a COH and the paperwork not done, ac not notified, so the scouts didn't get their badges.


In our troop it would go like this.

scouts sign up for SM conference,

once that is done(even if at a campout)

then SM asks MC (or AC if she's present) to do a BOR asap.

then the BOR completed the paperwork for advancement--signing the advancement form and turning it in to the ac's in box at the scout meeting location.

the SM gives out the badge right then in front of whoever is present unless they forgot to take the box of badges we have on hand, then it would be the next troop meeting at the end of the meeting circle up.

at the next Cof H, the boy receives the card and the parent pin and recognition again.



So if the a/c didn't get the advancement form from the BOR, then there is no way she would know about it, so the badge would not be available at the CofH. The SM or ASM in charge at the campout usually makes sure the paperwork was done, and takes responsibility if it was forgotten (like if they forgot to take an advancement form and the box of badges).


As a/c I would have been upset, explained that I cannot award a badge that I was not given the proper paperwork for, and that the parent should take it up with the SM--but that sometimes mistakes happen because we are all human and then end the discussion and not sit there and take it from the parents for any longer.


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I'll back fill some details...


I think the camping trip was 3-4 weeks prior to the CoH. So there was plenty of time for someone to inform the AC.




My wife had planned to step down anyway, it's a big load with this troop and she is having to find a job anyway ... this was just icing on the cake that reaffirmed her decision.




My son is still in the troop...although with Marching Band and three honors courses he is not active so far this school year. Mom is still pushing for Eagle though. (Because G-pa, Uncle, Cousin, Dad, college, career excuses.)


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I keep the troop records, badges, etc.

When parents complain I ask/remind/tell them that the boys need to come take care of it themselves.

Often boy returns with parent behind him.

I apologize (my fault/your fault/nobody's fault, doesn't matter).

I ask the boy to keep reminding me until it is taken care of. (I forget more than I'd like to remember about).

We do print off adv and go over a week in advance to try to head off those problems, and remind the boys

that if something is missed at COH (or anytime), talk to SM AC me after and we'll look into it.

Seems to keep everyone happy.

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Stepping down because someone else made a mistake(s). Now that is just what we want to be teaching our youth: quit if things don't go your way, or you get blamed for something not your fault.

The AC should have stayed on in the position, implementing changes that would have helped to keep this from happening in the future.

Why don't you suggest to the COR not to pay the SM / ASM's for not doing their jobs for a period of about 3 months, would THAT have made anything better? Let the SM and ASM feel it in their wallet, then that won't happen again.

Did the youth not getting their awards at the COH keep them from getting them at all, or were they simply delayed? Make an announcement at the next COH about the missed awards, and move on from there.



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CC or Advancement chair should have been notified of a BOR taking place on a campout. The scoutmaster shouldn't be going willy-nilly holding BORs without CC/AC knowing IN ADVANCE. Sorry, that's just common courtesy.


Regardless, as far as Mrs. Was, she should have a stock of Official BSA Complaint Forms on hand.



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