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Scouts Can Start Earning New Search and Rescue Merit Badge Aug. 20

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There was a class at the Washjam on Joint Base Lewis McChord over this weekend that offered it. Many Scouts were able to complete the MB. The Bluecards are posted dated. Apparently the local Council had to get specific permission from National to offer it.


Pretty Cool

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To clarify Beavah's question (I'm not sure if the smiley means he's joking or not) ...


On the age-appropriate guidelines chart, SAR missions are restricted to older Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers; SAR practice is allowed for all Boy Scouts, varsity Scouts and Venturers.


In the G2SS, the activity that is banned is "flying in aircraft as part of a search and rescue mission."

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Ditto. What a huge disappointment.


12 years as part of SAR team. This could be accomplished in an hour of talking to a SAR team member. Lets get them in the field and do some of the real stuff. Orienteering, litter packaging & carrying, wilderness survival, how to stay found, etc.


NASAR offers a 40 hr Fundatmetals of SAR. Bascially Wilderness Survival and First Aid beefed up a bit.


Would like to see more about Mantracking, Air Scent vs. Tracking, Map & Compass, Tracking, Clue identification, patient packaging, patient/victim removal, self preservation, personal gear/ready pack, radio protocol and so much more they have completely overlooked and left out.


What a huge disappointment. Could have been a really neat MB.

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Definitely needs to be more challenging. Whoever came up with these requirements is severely underestimating the knowledge, abilities and skills that youth can perform WHEN there is an expectation of high performance.


Unfortunately our society as a whole wants to keep people as children into their 20s.



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No, we take responsibility here. This is our screw-up complete with the diminished BSA brand.


Where this new merit badge did not interest my scouts in SAR, this recent gripping story of a volunteer search and rescue did.


"A group of Colorado mountain climbers rescued a German Shepard named Missy from 13,000 feet, where the dog's owner abandoned her. Missy was stranded for eight days before two hikers found her close to death and bloodied. In a strange twist of fate, the owner wants custody of Missy again - a privilege the animal-loving hikers think the man lost when he left the canine to die."


"Official search and rescue teams couldn't assist since they only respond to calls to help humans."


Tell the story in parts and discuss what went wrong, how was the internet used, when is too late, what would you need for a rescue, how would you plan a rescue..., what of Missy and her owner or new owners?


Scout salute to 8 rescuers,







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