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Average age of Eagle Scout 14 to 17 years old

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Hiya, mbrownkc7! That scout you describe could almost have been my son. He decided that camp was the absolute WORST place to do many of the "eagle required" badges, and opted for "fun stuff" instead. I lost track of the number of times he earned the rifle shooting MB.


He recently turned 18 and the scramble to get the last handful of Eagle MBs done was kind of intense, since he left personal fitness, personal management, family life, communications, and cit in community to the bitter end (yeah, he got it done). Some of his ASMs were pushing on him to sign up for these 5 badge classes at his final summer camp which happened to be just before his 18th birthday. But he said nope, he wanted his last summer camp to be memorable for being fun, not miserable!


And you know what, as far as I can tell, he had a great time. He earned Rifle shooting (yet again) and Chess MBs (with his whole patrol) at camp this year, had a great time hanging around with his patrol buddies, went hiking and exploring a lot, helped out some of the younger guys, and generally loved being a boy scout at summer camp.


Honestly, I think more of our older guys would enjoy camp if they took that approach. Good for the boy you described, that he figured this out!



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The scout you described .... does he have a disability that would give him extra time to become Eagle? Also, we have requested extra time for two of our scouts through concil. If there are certain situations ( one was a military child and one had zero family support) they might grant extra time.


I have to disagree with the scouts resigning up for merit badges earned. Our camp classes fill-up quickly and a retake takes the opportunity away from other campers. Is there a place where they can go shooting when they aren't at camp?


We had a Star and Life BOR last night. One of the review members made a comment about the Star canidate .... and he was right. The poor kid was so nervouse he stummbled on reciting the promise and looked for validation on every question he answered. The Life scout skated through. 14 vs 16 ~ HUGE difference

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The plural of anecdotes is not data.


I have a Webelos 1 who can recite the Oath and Law perfectly.

I have an Eagle who blew the Oath when going for his third Palm.


Of course, to earn Palms, you have to actually earn your Eagle with enough time to get the 3 months in per Palm.


You Know You Add to the Requirements When:


You never award Palms, because all of YOUR Eagles EARN it at age 17 like they should (seen this)

You don't allow someone to run for SPL unless they are at least 16 (seen this)

You place "logical" speed bumps in the way of energetic Scouts, telling them to slow down.

You sneer at other units, calling them Eagle Mills or Eagle Factories



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A quote of a blog I have been reading;

The strength of youth is passion. Never quench it; always fuel it. Yes its dangerous. But it sure beats lethargy and safety.

Fools preserve the status quo when they corral young leaders.


Eagle at 14? ROCK ON!


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