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Venturing Crews and Commissioner reports

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I was asked by my Dist. Commish to fill in for him tomorrow at the commish meeting. Looking at the Boy Scout advancement report, I've been dealing with Cub Scouts so I haven't paid attention, I noticed that Crews are listed for T-2-1 in addition to S-L-E. And I also noticed no report for the venturing recognitions listed.


Could anyone enlighten me on that one/

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Never seen one. But I know our venturing committee has been trying to funnel counts of awards to the VOA, and it wasn't like HQ had it all on hand. Basically, for now we advisors are letting the VP-admin know how our youth are doing. I filed it under "what's broke."


Maybe they are treating Bronze-Gold-Silver as parallel to S-L-E?


Hopefully the crews are coming up with zero's under T-2-1! If not, my best guess is that when boys are multiples, their rank from their troop is copied to their crew as well.

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Keep in mind, S-L-E is still valid for young men who are (1) under 18, (2) earned 1st Class in a Troop prior to joining a crew. (As are Eagle Palms.)


Also, yes, the report from ScoutNet is "broken" - this has been a l-o-n-g ongoing discussion for several years now.



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