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Eagle COH-Troop pays for?

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A corporate benefactor used to provide the Eagle kits, but alas, no more. The troop picks up that cost, as it does all other rank advancement insignia. That's it.


We've had 6 Eagles in one ECOH, we've had a couple of doubles, and in the past few years a lot of single ECOH's.


I find that nothing motivates a new scout more than an Eagle Court of Honor.

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Without the hall rental cost, upgrades, and food other than cake/lemonade, the Eagle COH comes to around $500.


Hall rental can be $0-300, troop pays $50 towards this (not included in the base $500)


Ceremony and gift items:

Invitations, printing, stamps, programs, printing, congratulatory letter book with sleeves, medal plaque, engraving, merit badge array (frame and mat with eagle certificate mounted along with one of every merit badge earned), Eagle neckerchief and slide, engraving for troop Eagle plaque, Eagle ribbon for troop flag, American flag flown, eagle scout history scroll, corsage and boutinier for parents.



5 balloon displays for tables, eagle paper goods(plates, napkins), half sheet decorated sheet cake, coffee, other drinks, other desserts or cookies


Family pays for:

Extra flowers, mentor pins, other food and decorations, guest book, thank you cards, most of hall rental, upgraded cake, extra invitations, extra or larger programs


Council benefactor provides Eagle kit.


Crazy, isn't it!?

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"It depends".


Our troop always provides the Eagle regalia. From there on, we have seen all manner of ECoHs: informal campouts on granpa's farm (Troop invited to camp, ceremony around the campfire, hamburgers and hotdogs, potluck salads and dishes. Troop picks up the tab meats and paper ware) , to rent the hall and cater the sitdown dinner, to tail end of the usual CoH (cookies and punch after), to (this at the usual end of season picnic) a trailer BBQ smoker and an all-you-can-eat BBQ with potluck side dishes meal. Yum!!), to use the church social hall, pot luck cookies and veggies dips. I have seen County Council members speak, only the Scoutmaster, the Scout's uncle and Gfathers and dad gives the charge (all were Eagles. Very moving).

I have seen Scouts accept the award and never be seen again, Scouts get teary at all the attention, Scouts accept the award and go on to be ASMs, and Scouts accept the award and come back many years later with young Scouts of their own, not really knowing how it came to this, that they thought they were THRU with all this Scout stuff and , well look at this!

I feel all this recognizes the thirteenth point of the Scout Law in the celebratory hoo haw: "A Scout is hungry".

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Our regular COH are weekday evenings in the middle school commons where we normally hold our meetings. Summer COH is at a local forest preserve picnic shelter.


Eagle COH are often at the Eagle's church, with little or no fee. However, some do not belong to a church. If the school is used weekdays, no fee. If it is used on Sat or Sun (when most want to have the COH), they charge $300 because the janitor has to be there. No CO location as we are a "friends of" group, loosely associated with the school.



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I suggest you cut back on the some of the extras, or see if they can be donated.


Also, look for a cheaper place to hold your ECOH.


While the Eagle himself might not belong to a church, members of the Troop leadership might be able to use their church halls free of charge.


Community centers, or libraries, might be willing to donate the use of a meeting room.


Many shopping malls have community rooms.


Local VFW, Eagle, Moose, etc.


Ask at your local Boy Scout Roundtable.






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