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Kind of a cold way to satisfy an Arrow of Light Requirement. Personally, if I had a say I would suggest an alternative because I believe that winter camping potentially not a good thing for Cub level Scouts. That's just a personal opinion from the aspect of keeping kids safe and happy. Don't want to rain on a party, and I guess it would work under close supervision, but i would'nt reccommend it. Good Luck to you!

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The cold weather campout is a tradition in our Pack that is reserved for 2nd year Webelos only! This has been how all of the scouts who have come through our pack have completed that particular Arrow of Light requirement. The boys look forward to the time when they get to go as their older brothers did, and we even have a special "32 degree Thermometer Slide" that is made by parent volunteers and awarded to those boys at the Pack meeting following their campout. They love it and wouldn't miss it for anything!

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