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Using Schoolwork for Merit Badge and /or Advancement Sign off?

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Now, all that's not to say that a MBC for Theater MB shouldn't "count" the boy's performance in "Beavah flew over the cuckoo's nest". Synergy is fine. But da MBC should attend the performance, or perhaps a rehearsal and then the performance, walk the stage, talk to the boy afterward, etc. And then perhaps take him and a few of his buddies to a professional or community theater performance and talk to folks in the production and such.


It's not about signoffs. It's about givin' the boy your full attention and sharing your enthusiasm and benefiting together from da relationship.


Anything less is subtractin' from da program.


Hear! Hear!


I think another important element of the MB program is having the Scout learn to take the initiative too. Getting up the nerve to call some adult, introduce himself, explain what he'd like to do, schedule time, plan his work, follow up, etc. If part of his plan is to include stuff he's doing in school, or somewhere else, and the MBC can see a way to include the ideas Beavah mentions, sure, why not! I wouldn't want it to just be a completely repurposed school class that was planned and organized by his teacher (and um, that's what an awful lot of summer camp MBs end up being, sigh...) but no problem including stuff he's already doing as part of it.



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""I think another important element of the MB program is having the Scout learn to take the initiative too. Getting up the nerve to call some adult, introduce himself, explain what he'd like to do, schedule time, plan his work, follow up, etc.""


There ya go.

When I do Farm Mechanics MB, I put an ad in the District newsletter saying on such and such a date I will be starting a class in FMMB, and interested Scouts should contact me. Far too often I get a SM or parent will email or call and say "I have several Scouts interested in the MB..." And I respond, fine, have them call me. Theoretically I should have 25 Scouts, never more than 6 or 8 contact me and ALL of them complete the MB. Much better that way anyway...

Only exception to that has been a Scouter in Virginia (an hour drive each way!) who deals with some learning disabled Scouts; he I will talk to, his Scouts are enthusiastic if limited in ability. With help, they complete the MB.

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Seems to me there are two lines of thought going here.


One, is that taking 8th grade government/civics is an automatic sign-off on Cit/Nat, or being in the school play is a free pass for theater MB. HECK NO! The requirements need to be completed as written. The curriculum of a school class should not be substituted wholesale for the MB requirements.


Two, that when course work aligns with the requirements for a MB that the counselor allow a Scout to receive "double credit" and accept the school work to fulfill a MB requirement. Counting a school field trip to a federal facility for Cit/Nat, or the school play for a particular Theater MB requirement. Sure, I'm okay with that, but haven't we recently chewed the issue of double dipping?

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Personally, I wish there was more double dipping in life.


It rather irks me that BSA Climbing Instructor (what BSA Councils use), and BSA National Camp School for Climbing and/or Cope Directors (a higher standard that BSA camps use) and AGMA climbing instructor (what literally everyone else in the US goes by) aren't cross-compatible, offering some sort of cross-certification. At least Aquatics somewhat has it sorted out -- Red Cross Lifeguard counts for Aquatics Director, albeit only conditionally.


It's rather irksome that some of the certs I have give me credits at School X, but not School Y, while other certs give me credits with School Y but not School X, and I recently went back to School W, online. If I sign up for School X and Y, then I can transfer those credits to School W and apparently from what I'm told they'll be accepted for a Recreation Management degree, which sounds interesting, but it's going to be rather a pain to get that taken care of. Honestly, the University of Idaho and BYU-Idaho should just work together a little more.


Geez, can't these people do like the agencies did with Leave No Trace -- get together, sign a memorandum of understanding, hammer out whatever kinks remain, then just use the "same" program? It should be like the special add-on BSA-based Leave No Trace Trainer and Master Educator materials for BSA LNT classes or like how an EMT can go spend five days becoming a Wilderness-EMT and doesn't have to bother with an eight-day Wilderness First Responder course (because they're already an EMT and don't need the extra days of classes).(This message has been edited by BartHumphries)

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As a MBC on several badges, I try to encourage the Scouts to use what they have learned or done in school to help with a badge.


One good example is Reading. Most of the work is being done in school, so why not give the Scout credit. No reason for him to have to do it again.


By informing the Scouts of the possibilities, it sometimes encourages them to go after badges they might not have considered.

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