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Updated Board of Review Training PPT

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As a veteran Trainer, I like Slide Shows in Power point. When the class yells "Death by Power Point!" I laugh along with them. If it's one that has too many slides, I put notes in some that say "Skip this slide." For example, people who are going to serve on a troop BoR in 1 hour don't need the Eagle slides or the ones about how a Scout gets to the Bor. It's tailored to the expected audience. I just use the slides for the bullet points; I expound on them, and you don't even have to hit all the points on a slide if you don't want to.

Some of those slides have too many points, too, but its a pretty good Slide show for all of that.

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The new 2011 Guide to Advancement states that non-committee members may be used if enough committee members are not available.



"In units with fewer than three registered committee members available to serve, it is permissible to use knowledgeable parents (not those of the candidate) or other adults (registered or not) who understand Boy Scoutings aims."(This message has been edited by dlearyous)

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