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Anyone know much about the Chess MB?

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According to the United States Chess Federation (http://main.uschess.org/content/view/11348/639/), the launch of the Chess merit badge is scheduled to coincide with the grand opening of the World Chess Hall of Fame on September 10, 2011.


Also, according to U.S. Scouting Service Project (http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb147.asp), "At the request of the BSA, the requirements will not be posted until September 7, 2011."


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If you want a real strategy game for a mb, then it would have to be GO. Nothing beats the thinking involved or the sheer excitement than a good game of GO.


At summer camp or any week-end camping trip, our Scouts play GO and various Fluxx games (Martian, Monty Python, Eco, Zombie) any chance they get.

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Let's not go there, there is already a Video Games Belt Loop and Pin for the Cubs. Then again that may be the way we are going.


While I am a Chess lover, hey I did letter in Chess in HS, I still think ScOUTING needs more OUTING.

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Agreed, but I think SCOUTing needs more SCOUTs.


I would not be surprised that on any given day, there are more boys logged into X-box Live than the total BSA membership. Add PS3, Facebook games,...and I'm certain of it.


Attract them with common interests - chess, Halo, robotics, paintball, laser-tag,... and then introduce them to the outdoor adventures and other fun. One example, some "distinguished" X-box game snipers thought Rifle Shooting would be lame ...okay look at your sight picture. Is everything in focus - front sight and target? No, ain't that something. Oh, other things, here in the real world, we need breathing control and trigger squeeze, we can run out of ammo, have misfires, windage,... better your game and get real.


Need to fish where the fish are and then use the right bait...say I learned that in Fishing merit badge :)


My $0.02

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Classic GO. I have an old set I got 40 years ago from my mom. I was never very good at Chess (my brother was a Chess prodigy) so she took pity on me. I love the little black and white stones.


First time I thought my 5 year old son he beat me. So I am not a very good player.


I have 300+ various board and wargames so I am a bit of a "analog game" geek. I have introduced some to my scouts and I find many of them like the old-school as well as the electronic ones. So you never know.


The popularity of Fluxx shows boys will play a good non-electronic game if it is designed right. And it fits in a backpack. I was shocked at how the older boys take to Poker. Got to keep an eye on that. :)


I agree about the shooting. My home sniper had to work really hard to qualify for Rifle MB at camp. Shocked he never got his dime but saw that his heartbeat was enough to throw off his shot.


Introducing the boys to games just shows that it easy to focus on the program and leave out the fun. Scouting should be fun not school...

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"I wish National would release an "Outdoors" MB with each "Indoors" one. "


That might be one of the best ideas I've ever seen on these forums.


I would say one good use of a chessboard might be that 40 minute, mid-afternoon rain shower during summer camp. I am in no way a great player, but I do enjoy a game every now and then, and I appreciate some of the things (strategy, planning, concentration, etc.) it can teach.


NOT a good use of a chessboard? Summer camp Chess Merit Badge class.

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