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Summer Camp Merit Badges

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I like the camp we go to every year. They focus only outdoor badges . Up until this year the only required MB's offered were Swimming, EVS, and Lifesaving.


This year I was aghast when at the Monday morning leaders meeting they announced that they would be offering all three Citizenship badges at the same time. From 6 till 7 in the evening the shooting instructor would be helping scouts work on those three badges. I don't think he had a set curriculum but even so the 6-7 hour was during dinner/dinner clean-up. In my opinion scouts belong with their patrols helping with clean up,(it is a Patrol cooking camp)rather than doing book work.

Needless to say the leaders of our unit did not promote this to the scouts. It was also mentioned at the daily SPL meetings, but to my knowledge none of our 52 scouts attended. I don't like to wish failure on anyone but in this case I hope the camp director realizes that this just isn't a good idea.




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