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Merit Badge Application Form

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Does anybody know of a form that will let me print out my own filled out blue cards?


I found one pdf (http://www.troop137.com/pdf/bluecards.pdf that lets you print them out, but doesn't let you type in any of the information beforehand.


I found a word document (http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/docs/Merit-Badge-Application-34124A.doc) that lets you type in the information, but isn't set up to print it on both sides of the card.


Does anybody know of an electronic blue card form with the best of both worlds, so you can print out 3 filled out cards on a single sheet of card stock?

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here are some PDF forms: http://scouts.koenecke.us/


TroopMaster has the capability and has perforated card stock. If your unit uses TroopMaster (and if you a seeing a need to print these cards you likely should) it makes it very simple.


We still use the cards from the supply as well. Printing a one off is not worth the added time. But for summer camp and (ugh) Merit Badge Round-up, printing them is nice.

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I use the process created by Troopmaster. It is under Reports> Awards/Advancement> 'Blue' Cards.


The blank sheets are sold by Troopmaster, and are printed 2 to a sheet. Our troop bought a duplex laser printer just for this purpose, and it was worth the money, in my opinion. I printed out all the Blue Cards from summer camp in under an hour. In my opinion, one of the best tools in Troopmaster.

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