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William T. Hornaday Award

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Hello fellow Forum members!


I have recently become very interested in the William T. Hornaday Awards and have been having trouble finding the answers to some of my questions and hoped you all could assist me. My main concern is where to find an advisor. Can this advisor just be anyone who works in a specific environmental field? does this person need to be a scout/leader? does this person need to be an official advisor if those exsist? do i need a different advisor for each project? How do i come in contact with an advisor in my area? Another concern I have if i can use my projects for more than one award: ex. can i use a project towards the silver medal if i used it towards the bronze medal?


I have tried asking leaders in my troop about this award but no one in my troop even knew this award exsisted. So I am pretty much on my own on this one. Any other additional info would be greatly appreciated.



Eagle Scout Michael Troylet

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There is a reason very few, (less than 200?) of these have been awarded.


There is a website that has a good run down on what needs to be done, when, and what resources you are expected to engage.


The "typical" Hornaday project is about the equivalent of 5 Eagle projects. That is the level of effort needed.


In my opinion, you need to have two advisors, a technical advisor, and a scouter/mentor advisor to help navigate the process. You should not expect your technical advisor to do this,


You should do everything in writing. Make notes of your meetings and have each advisor sign off on the meeting. This may very well be a process of multiple years, and memories fade. Take pictures, before during and after of your efforts.


Good luck.



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There are many different levels of the Hornaday award. Some approved locally, some by National.


My questions is, It says Troop Crew Team. But could it be done as something like an OA chapter/lodge service project. Or would those scouts go in as a troop? We have had a local recreation area that has trails and camping areas that we use that was majorly damaged by some tornadoes. The trails are blocked by trees and there is a lot of debris that needs to be removed.


Sorry to hijack the thread but that was a question that I had.


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As all other Hornaday Awards are individual awards, I will assume that you are talking about the unit award.


The unit award application specifically states that the project was designed, and executed, by a unit, in conjunction with a Conservation Adviser, with at least 60% of the units members participating.


An OA Chapter, or Lodge, is not a BSA unit. A BSA unit is a chartered Pack, Troop, Team, or Crew.

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When my son was awarded the Bronze Hornaday medal, he had the local county person in charge of all the forest preserves act as his councelor. Try checking with your counties forest preserve district about the name of a conservation officer to contact.

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