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Scouting and Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

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With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching I know it is time to give thanks for the blessings we have received. As Scout Leaders I know you are giving back to the community. I was wondering what you had received from Scouting? I have many things to give thanks for. In the past I was a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout and an Explorer. I received many things from this.


My first interest in my family history was spurred by an activity in my Bear book. Later as a Boy Scout I became interested in nature and the outdoors while working on the Conservation of Natural Resources badge. This led to a 9-year association with the local Forest Preserve Nature Center and my first part time job. It also led me to a full time job with a person I met there.


Another Boy Scout activity, First Aid, led me into Explorers with a Fire Post at the local volunteer Fire Department. This led to 15-years as a Firefighter, EMT and finally as Lieutenant on a volunteer Department helping to run the ambulance.


The Fire Post also led to my career as a Police/Fire/EMS/9-1-1 Dispatcher. A friend from the Post was a Fire Dispatcher. The Police and Fire Department had combined efforts and needed someone familiar with the Fire Service. I applied and 20-years later I am second in seniority here, behind our Supervisor.


Scouting in a roundabout way led to me meeting my wife, getting married, having 3 children (2 girls and a boy) and returning to Cub Scouts after helping my wife with her Girl Scout Troops. Now I am a Den Leader and the cycle is starting over. I hope to give back as much or more than I received. I am already receiving a renewed enjoyment of life just by being with this active bunch of Wolf's. I am learning some things have not changed from my youth and others have.


I have shared just a small portion of the things I am thankful for that came from Scouting. There are many everyday activities and abilities I learned as a Scout. What about you? Is there something you can share? Something you are thankful for that started with Scouting?


Mike Nicholson

Dad, Den Leader, Dispatcher

Glenview, Illinois


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