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Hey there fellow scouters..... one quick question. I was wondering if anybody knew where to find a script for an Eagle court of Honor. My nephew just got all his "stuff" in the mail and his dad asked if I could help out, as they do not know what to do (and aren't getting a lot of support from their CC).


I have been to some ECOH that are quite elaborate and also to those that are short, simple and to the point. I told them that it was ultimately up to my nephew what kind of ECOH he wanted, but I wanted to be prepared (no pun intended!?!) and ready to go. I believe he wants to do his ECOH before the end of the summer.


Thanks in advance to any and all who help me out with this!


Yours in Scouting,


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Hello Julie,

There are plenty of these at various sources on the internet. A google search will probably turn them up and you'll probably get some specific suggestions from others on this forum. Here is one place to begin looking:



But I encourage the boy and his family to feel free to create the ceremony in whatever format suits them. He can think of it as one more opportunity to demonstrate leadership.

It is his and their show and they should not feel constrained by tradition or past performances. The ones I've participated in (about 30 of them) have used a quite a few variations and I have always either written or heavily edited my own script when I've been asked to speak, in order to try to personalize it for each young man and his family.

I have never seen a 'wrong' or 'unsuccessful' ceremony.

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As packsaddle said they are all over the internet. I will PM you what I have gathered & brought to parents house to help organize an Eagle court, but all that is there is from the internet.


You take what you like from one, and what you like from another, and develop one that is unique to you with different pieces you like from each one. Or, add your own personal touches, and write something yourselves.


Usually with the ECOH, (in our troop) the boy doesn't want to plan his own. (It's like planning his own birthday party.).. Other troops may be different. Each troop develops their own sorts of traditions. Some troops even have a person in the troop who coordinates the whole thing and both the parents and eagle scout are not involved. With out troop, the parents may do the whole thing (with help from past Eagle parents who come to their house and help them organize the ceremony, or narrow certain parts down to about three they like, then have the Eagle scout choose from the three what he likes.


If you have anyone in the troop who has been an Eagle parent, you could call them and invite them to your house for some refreshments and to help you plan. I think most would be happy to help share the wisdom. Both what worked for them, and the things that did not go off like clockwork in order to give you advice as to what to avoid.


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