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Novelty Bead Source(s)?

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Our troop uses a leather fob with leather lacing to hold beads which denote activities a boy has participated in. We are running low on our bead supply and no one can remember the original source. I have spent about 8 hours searching online and I can't find what we need, although it does seem that other troops are doing a similar sort of program.


Does anyone know where I can order a hiking boot bead? Or a canoe bead?


Any help appreciated!


Cate, Troop 99 in Delaware

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Crazy Crow Trading Post



They are very reputable, give a scout discount if purchasing over a certain amount (I believe it's $150 now)and are a better source for OA supplies that Grey Owl IMHO ( although I do want that beaded sash with legend G.O. has!)

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Our council's scout shop sells both canoe and boot beads. Someone once told me they get these from a company called Ozark Campfire in Belton, MO.

I googled them and they don't have a site but you can find contact information for them.

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