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The original poster was pretty well attacked and critized and run-down as a fraud and a faker and a whole lot of other things.


Yah, late in da thread. Idle keyboards are the devil's workshop. :)


At the same time, earlier in da thread lots of folks were doing the same thing to the SM, the folks in the troop, and the district, eh?


None of it was very scoutlike.


let's just say that I think that the fact that he/she/them/it/what-have-you joined up a few months after the parent thread got started up, and the fact that 50% of their posts as of 4/21/2010 has been to continue to suggest that something remains rotten in the state of Denmark (Hello OGE!) speaks volumes.


Not sure what volumes it speaks, eh? I think it shows a lot of professionalism and restraint, while one troop member was complainin' in public to all and sundry, and folks from many states away were running down a SM and a successful program (that mdsummer's kids are still a part of).


Folks of good will can have disagreements without anybody being evil, eh? Sometimes good people just have different views, or different goals for a program.


Most of us said from da beginning that we expected someone to give the lad Eagle along the way. That was both a comment on da circumstances that John-in-KC pointed out, and a comment on the way the national office handles things these days. Active, after all, means "registered." :p



I wanted to personally thank EVERYONE on this forum for all the support and help throughout this entire process. I have learned a lot and I am proud to have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. It was a long road but it was completely worth it.


Justin, congratulations as well. As Calico and others have pointed out, a lot of really wonderful people earned their Eagle through the appeals process. That's what it's there for, and you should never be ashamed of it.


Good luck to you in college, and may yeh always live up to what the rank of Eagle should be, so that nobody ever questions it in the future.





and a good ol' Beavah too!


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WAKWIB and others according to: boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-43409.html


Gottesmhlen mahlen langsam, mahlen aber trefflich klein;

Ob aus Langmut Er sich sumet, bringt mit Schrf' Er alles ein.


- by Friedrich von Logau (1604-1655), in Sinngedichte, (1653), III.ii.24.


Translated by H.W. Longfellow:


"Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;

Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all."


(Cite: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 3rd ed.)


Which may have been popularized by a Winston Churchill Speech, but I don't have a cite on that.

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"So there really was an appeal?"


"In a word, yes. "


Well, there were so many saying it was a non-existant appeal, a hoax, that there was no way an appeal could take this long, that there was NO appeal!, even called it "a giant April Fools Prank", that "no record exists of it anywhere, except in peoples mind". I could go on but you get the idea.


Then some attacked the Scout, his mom and the people who knew what was going on and offered insight. Some of the things suggested about the Scout were unacceptable, and very sad. Especially coming from a bunch of Scouters who should be dedicated to helping boys, not tearing them down with mean spirited comments. Do you think that maybe the Scout was reading your comments too?! Or overhearing the discussions his parents surely had over your comments about their son?!


Some of you should really take a close look at how harmful your words were to those involved. Then maybe you should think about reviewing the Scout Oath and Law and how they apply in your daily lives.





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I think it would be instructive if we could learn more about the rational national provided for their decision, if any.


If you go back to the early days of the thread, there was some fairly reasonable debate as to the merits of the appeal and a fair bit of speculation as to national's direction. I know this isn't like a Supreme Court decision, but if there is a lesson we could all apply moving forward, it's would be nice to learn what that is.


I'd like to offer my best wishes and congratulations to Justin and his mom as well. Perserverance is not a bad lesson either.

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I am sure glad it came out this way and it didnt let a boy fall thru the cracks. It is a good sign for a boy I know who is in the same boat right now. He has completed everything for EAGLE and his Eagle application was turned in just days before he turned 18 BUT,


The Scoutmaster Refused to give approval for the boys Eagle Project, which the boy completed with SM signature

The Scoutmaster gave a Scoutmaster conference BUT it was so the Scoutmaster could tell the boy what he needs to change

The Scoutmaster refused to sign off for being active in the troop

The Scoutmaster refused to sign the Eagle application

The CC also refused to sign the boys Eagle application stating he is backing his SM.


The boys is just hoping his application will be approved since he has now turned 18 and he still needs an EBOR and a long appeal process may not be good.


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This scout had (I think) less then a month b4 his 18th birthday when this started. It took about a year, so he was 19 (maybe 20) when he got it.. But there are many other points that the virdict can be overturned.. district, council etc before it goes to national..


Since he is now 18 hopefully he turned in his paperwork (minus signature of SM & CC) to council and started the appeal before he turned 18.. I think I have read on this board that even if he did not, as long as his project & requirements were completed by 18 he can appeal (but not sure)..


Good luck to him.

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You stated that the SM refused to "give approval for the boys Eagle Project", but that the Scout completed it WITH the SM's signature.


Did you mean WITH - or - WITH OUT the signature of the SM?


If the SM never signed the project plan at the approval stage the Scout should never have gone ahead with the project. The workbook states specifically that the Scout may ONLY proceed with his service project after he has obtained approvals from all of the appropriate persons. One of those is the signature of the SM.


Was it at the final approval for a completed project that the SM refused to sign?


Or did the SM sign at both the project approval and the completion approval, and is now saying he does not approve the project after the fact?


Even without the signatures of the SM and the CC on his application he can not be denied an EBOR. I would hope that your council would hold a BOR without delay so that the Scout could start his appeals process ASAP if necessary.

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OOPS I mean he did his Eagle Project anyway without the SM signature. The Scout went ahead with is project after getting guidance from the Council who told the boy to go ahead with his project with out SM approval. The SM refused to sigh before and after the project. Also SM and CC refused to sign application.

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It is weird the scout went to the Council or Eagle board(district) for approval of a project without SM signature and knowing the SM did not approve told boy to bypass SM approval.. this right there seems weird. It would have been best at that time the boy find a different project..


But that being the case, Scout should have been prepared for SM not to sign off on project at the end of it. And District/council should be prepared to bypass SM decision and award scout the Eagle award..


But, it seems at that stage the District/council should have been trying to teach the boy how to work with others, and guided him to figure out how to alter the project to gain SM approval, or how to give up on an idea and come around to a different project.


This is like The council/district (whoever) guiding the boy into teaching the boy that it is ok when he gets to college and does a report on something the teacher did not want.. Or it will be ok to not pay attention to your employors veiwpoint and do what you want to in your job.. This to me is not the right lesson they should have been teaching him..


(I do hope he did not go to his Eagle board and lie and tell them the SM just forgot to sign but the project was approved. If he did, he will not get Eagle..)..


If the Council or Board told him to be rebellious and do what he wanted, then they should support him and give him his Eagle..


But if I were SM, I would have been pissed, at the message they were sending this scout.


To override the SM at the end of the journey when all through the journey the SM gave you no reason to think you were having issues, that's one thing. The SM should have be more verbal thoughout the journey while there was time for the scout to change.


To override the SM at the beginning of a project when he has stated he does not approve of project, that is just weird.. The SM gave verbal knowledge that this was an issue he would not support.. He carried through on his beliefs. Scout & Council should have foreseen it, and respect it..

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The SM was NOT disapproving the project, the project itself was fine, he told the boy he would not sign off on the project until he started getting more active in the troop again and start attending meetings.


SO, the SM refused to sign ANYTHING until the boy became more active in the troop again. The boy did not have time to change anything or fight anything. At the time he only had weeks until his 18th bday.

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