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Counseling Pathfinding MB

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I signed off my first scout for Pathfinding MB today. It was at a merit badge day. I wasnt teaching a class, just hanging out with the parents while our scouts were working on their requirements. He was a boy who called me the day I got the email saying that I could begin counseling Pathfinding. He was an older scout, and very confident, but it still took him three tries before I could sign his blue card.


Its a simple thing to know your way around town. Im sure many of us can remember bicycling around town as kids, but this doesnt happen very often these days. In this day of chauffeured kids, the ability to give simple directions is becoming a rare aptitude, one that deserves its own merit badge.


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Livery stables were where you went to hire transportation. The modern vehicle for this would be taxi, chauffer service or rental car. In fact, I think you will find that many locales refer to taxi drivers and chauffers as livery services.


Telegraph office. I think that Western Union might still offer telegram services. They certainly offer wire transfers of money. Or if you stick with the communications aspect of telegraph, then does an internet cafe fit the bill?

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Out advancement chair went to pick up the merit badges earned for this COH.


Pathfinding and the other historic merit badges have not yet arrived.


Maybe this is the reason for the delay in the start of the program--production problems.

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