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Old books - new requirements

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If you go to the national website, you can print a page with just the requirement changes. Then make copies and give to each scout. It is then up to them to bring the page along with their books for sign off just like any other advancement.

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The major new one that affects many of the existing Scouts (almost all have attained 1st Class by Dec 31) is the new Life requirement 6. The one that requires them to teach a Scout one of the 2nd/1st class skills.


For this new requirement, we printed the text onto Avery stickers and stuck them into any affected Scouts' Handbook.

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Which ever edition of the Scout handbook is current when the Scout joins the Troop is the one he stays with him for the rest of his career as a Boy Scout.


Updated editions or printings do not affect a Scout who starts with an older edition/printing.


For example, the majority of Scouts in our Troop were presented with the 11th Edition when they crossed over. That is the edition they started with and the one they will stick with until the leave the Troop. New and changed advancement requirements do not affect them.


Scouts who crossover this year will be presented with the 12th edition, and that will be the edition that will guide them until they leave the Troop.


Why make things more complicated than they need to be?


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Hypothetically, what happens when a boy is using a previous book and gets to filling out his Eagle Application and realizes that he doesn't qualify because the requirements have changed?

How do you handle older scouts teaching new or added requirements to the younger scouts when they don't have the current books?

Do you allow older scouts to use new PORs for Star, Life and Eagle since those new PORs are not in their older books?


Seems like things are complicated either way...


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That is not correct. A Scout can finish up a rank under old requirements, but once he starts a new rank, he will need to follow the new requirements.



Ask the Expert: Do I use the new or old rank requirements?


Rockie Yardley of Oklahoma's Last Frontier Council wondered:


What is National's official policy on the new rank requirements if a Scout has started working on a rank prior to Jan. 1, 2010? As you know, a Scout is generally working on multiple ranks at once. If he has already started working on a rank prior to Jan. 1, 2010, does he use the old requirements, new requirements, or can he choose? And does the rule apply to all ranks?


Great question. For the answer, we checked in with Joe Glasscock. He writes:


He completes the requirements for the rank he is working on. When he moves to the next rank, he should use the new requirements.



Note: If a Boy Scout is working out of the old edition of the handbook, he may continue using those requirements until he completes that rank. Then he must move to the new edition.


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AlFansome & BrentAllen, can you cite significant differences between the 11th and 12th editions that would result in an Eagle or rank advancement denied by National or a local council?

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New requirements for 2010, found in the second link of my last post:



A Scout must teach another person how to tie a square knot using the EDGE model (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable). He also must be able to discuss four specific examples of how he lived the points of the Scout Law in his daily life.


Second Class

A Scout must discuss the principles of Leave No Trace and explain the factors to consider when choosing a patrol site and where to pitch a tent.


He must explain what respect is due the flag of the United States.


He must again discuss four examples of how he lived four different points of the Scout Law in his daily life.


He must earn an amount of money agreed upon by the Scout and his parents and save at least 50 percent of it.


First Class

An additional requirement to the 10 separate troop/patrol activities states he must demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace on these outings.


He must discuss four more examples of how he lived the remaining four points of the Scout Law in his daily life.



A Scout must use the EDGE model to teach a younger Scout a specified skill.


I just try to follow the program.

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BSA has put out a little spiral ringed flip book with nothing in it but the new rank requirements, in a format identical to what is in the handbook. A scout can buy this for less than the cost of a new handbook and "tape" it in his handbook for the new requirements.


#34621 (which does not pull up right on the website...)

From scoutstuff.org:


"Mini Version

The Mini Version of the 12th Edition BSA Handbook highlights the rank requirements in an easy-to-use, coil-bound, cargo-pocket-size package. The bilingual version contains both Spanish and English versions of the rank requirements through Eagle Scout and Palms."


Photo, (3rd pic from the left: "...A quick reference for rank requirements"








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