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Ummm Bad math or just typo"

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Looking in my Cub Scout Leader Book ( #33221)

I see something that has me confused. Now, I realize that it may just be me. Maybe I'm just not understanding it right. But maybe the printer, copy chief or editor just missed it.






Page 21-5


Webelos badge


"A Webelos Scout is required to earn eight of the 20 available activity badges on the trail to earning the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award."


Page 21-7


Compass Points


"After completing the Webelos badge, the Webelos Scout may recieve compass points for earning additional activity badges. The compass points emblem is presented to the boy who has earned four activity badges in addition to those required for the Webelos badge ( for a total of seven). A metal compass point. to be pinned to the emblem, is awarded for each additional activity badges that the boy earns."


Say what?


So does a Webelos Scout have to earn 8 as the first paragraph states, Only 3 as the second paragraph states since a total 4

( 7-4=3 )is for the compass point, or would it be 12 since 8+4=12 ?


Is this a typo, really really bad math, or are two different groups just not fitting together?


I mean, I understand that certain achievements have to be completed to get a rank badge. I understand that after getting rank, you earn extras - in Bear, this is Arrow Points.

But in both Wolf Cubs and Bear Cubs, the math added up!


I plan on being a Webelos - first year - leader next year.


I'm thinking I ought to be able to understand how rank advancement works. Doesn't that seem like a good idea to you? LOL!(This message has been edited by scoutfish)(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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You are confusing the term "Webelos Scout", which is a 4th or 5th grade Cub Scout, and the requirements for the badges and recognitions.


The total of 8 is for a Webelos Scout that will earn both the Webelos Badge (3) and Arrow of Light (5).


The Compass emblem is a separate recogition, but can only be awarded after earning the Webelos badge (3 activity badges) and 4 more activity badges for a total of 7 activity badges. The compass point pins are earned after that (after having earned 11, 15 and 19 activity badges).(This message has been edited by nolesrule)(This message has been edited by nolesrule)

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Neither the Webelos badge is earned early in the boys Webelos career it only requires 3 activity badges and is usually done mostly as a den so that 3 months after starting all the boys get their webelos rank. It is sort of opposite of the other cub ranks in that the Webelos is a starting point not the end of the road. The compass points are earned for each additional 4 activity badges without regard to which they are. The arrow of light is the culmination of the cub scout's career it requires that specific activity pins be earned a minimum of eight. Many packs encourage the boys to earn all 20 with some type of special award. The arrow of light is awarded to the boy as he is crossing over to the troop and he wears the award on his boy scout uniform to show his achievement in cub scouting. If this does not clarify your thinking get with an advancement person or an experienced Webelos leader to help you.

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scottteng, no..that actually makes perfect sense!


So it seems that maybe they shoulsn't have compacted all 3 different subjects into two paragraphs covering two seperate pages(seperated only by pictures of badges on page 21-6)


Or they were just too brief in how they wrote it. Maybe you should have written that part of the book! LOL!

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It's true that a two-paragraph in the CS Leader book is not enough to give you a good idea of how Webelos advancement works.


Since you will be a Web leader next year, I would recommend that you go ahead and invest in a Webelos handbook - and just start reading. It will give you a better idea of how the process works and exactly what the requirements are for both the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light. I think that if you do this, you'll go into the training that you've already scheduled with a head start.

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That's interesting. Everything that I have heard about CS2010 has mentioned only Tigers, Wolves and Bears - Webelos have been conspicuously absent.


I have been thinking it likely, though, that changes to the Webelos requirements would be coming, if for nothing other than to incorporate the new belt loops.

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Snow White I'm with you. I think they'll update the Webelos book to incoprporate the new BLs. I can't see as how they couldn't too many of them fit so well into the program.


I also hope they add a Webelos badge or two too. My boys will be high teens or 20 pinners by spring with their AoL just about done and nothing much to do for 5-6 months but wait. They'll be hanging out waiting for 6 months past grade four graduation. I guess it doesn't pay to run a year round prpgram at the Webelos level. They finish too soon to go on to BS.




Go to Webelos leader training if you can this spring. Get a Webeos leader guide book and study it a bit. With some prior planning Webelos can be very easy to run as a DL and fun for the boys. Without proper preparation Webelos can a a diaster. Remember to use your local resources for badge counselors.

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The big change to Cub Scouts is away from family to all den work on requirements. This would not impact Webelos since they already do den based advancement.


The only possible change that I have heard for Webelos is that BSA is doing a pilot for going back to a one year Webelos program (currently it is 12-18 months).


However, as far as I know, it is still only in the pilot stage, and will not be happening next year.


I don't see BSA adding any of the new belt loops to the Webelos program, but then you never know.


The Cub Scout Leader Book is not supposed to be an in-depth instruction on advancement. For that you have Leader Specific training, level handbooks, and the Webelos Leader Guide. The purpose of the Cub Scout Leader Book is an overview of the Cub Scout Program, and a place to find BSA's policies and procedures for the Cub Scout Program.


The Cub Scout Leader Book is accurate on both of its pages. The subjects are split on two different pages because they are for different things.


A Webelos Scout is REQUIRED to earn a total of 8 Webelos Activity badges to earn both the Webelos rank award (3 activity badges) and the AOL award (5 activity badges).


There are a total of 20 Webelos Activity badges they can earn IF THEY WISH TO. The Compass Point Emblem, and Compass Points, are more like elective awards.


The Compass Point Emblem is awarded to the Webelos after he has earned his Webelos rank award (which includes earning 3 activity badges), plus an additional 4 activity badges (for a total of 7 badges). Those 4 additional activity badges can include the badges required for AOL, but do not HAVE to.


After earning the Emblem, a Compass Point is earned for every 4 activity badges earned. If a Webelos earns the Emblem, and all 3 Compass Points, he will have earned 19 activity badges.


If they earn one more activity badge they will have earned all 20. This is usually celebrated some way in the Pack. Usually with a certificate and/or a special patch for the Webelos brag vest/blanket/jacket/whatever. BSA has a Webelos Super Achiever patch available for Packs to use as a recognition item.

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A few ideas for your Webelos.


1) start having them work with a scout troop. Stressing work WITH, not join.


2) have the your guys work with the new webs, i.e have them teach the skills


3) look closely at the birthdates. It may be possible for some of the boys to earn their AOL and join a troop as early as April of this year. Since most packs are grade based,if you have a Cub with a late birthday, say October, then he will be 10.5 in April, despite being in the 4th grade.


From the AOL requirements

1) Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge.


Boy Scout joining requirements

Meet age requirements: Be a boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old.




(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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92 thanks for the info. I actually have boys that won't be 10 until October or November of 2010. They are the ones that'll have to hang out and wait. They'd barely be 10 at crossover in late November (six months after 4th grade graduation).


Thanks again.

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