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Another MB bonanza question

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My district has been trying something new this year: a merit badge day. One or two merit badges offered to the first few (20 or so) scouts that sign up (with multiple instructors). The first time it was offered, it was auto mechanics and traffic safety. The second time, it was metalwork, I believe. Plans are to hold it again, this coming spring, but I'm not sure which MBs would be offered.


Another district in our council has been doing an annual science/technology merit badge fair. Bunches of MBs offered, with a 2-day commitment required (one day, for "classes" and the second day, a month later, for "field trips").


Although I have not witnessed either event, I believe one "standard" is that these aren't "win all you can" events :-), but rather a Scout is able to work on a single MB.



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Specifically, I am interested in learning about the one at the Museum. I have a parent who wants to take her son (and anyone else in the troop who wants to go) to some kind of large scale MB bonanza or some such. I am not in favor of these kinds of events, but I do not feel it is fair to say no until I know more about it and know to what I am saing no. I found the schedule on the website also, but that does not sound anything like what this mom is describing.


So long as it is the mom who is asking, the answer will remain "No." If the scout comes to me to talk about it, I will certainly consider it.

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The earning of a Merit Badge is intended to attest to the Scout attaining some level of skill/knowledge in a given area. Plumbing, cycling, cooking, chemistry, aviation, whatever. The intention is to let the Scout gain some experience in an activity he already has an iterest in (a hobby or such) or explore something new, a possible career choice, with a knowledgeable adult or older Scout, even.

A Scout can either 1) seek out a MBCounselor in that subject and work with him/her to pass the established requirements or 2) go to a Scout sponsored "Merit Badge Class" sponsored by a Troop or District or Council or 3) attend a MB class at a Scout camp.

It boils down to a willing, experienced adult making themselves available to the Scout to work with them, either personally or thru an older Scout apprentice (such as at ScoutCamp). The adult is needed to arrange the opportunities. Create a phone list of willing MBCounselors. Organize a MBClass at the local Emergency Training Academy, or University or Troop meeting, or put a notice in your local District newsletter about one's willingness to lead such a class.

My Scoutson wanted to earn the Farm Mechanics MB, and we could find no registered FMMB Counselor. So, I registered as the FM MBCounselor. Only one for a fur piece, as you say. Put a notice in the District Newsflash, garnered 7 Scouts, organized a meeting, a field trip to the Farm Implement Dealer, a little homework, serviced a couple of local tractors for our neighbors, and presto, 8 new Farm Mechanics MBs. We'll do it again in the spring.

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