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Scouts with a Handicap

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Our troop has several disabled kids from ADD, to wheelchair bound, to one who has a urinary stoma. I am looking for other scouts with similar situations. I would like to get these guys to communicate about their problems and see they are not the only one who face challenges

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You may be interested to know that the next issue of SCOUTER Magazine(after the one due to mail this week) will begin a New Regular Section about Scouts with disAbilities. It will feature articles written by Scouters who share the difficulties, the benefits, the practical solutions, the successes of working with these Scouts who, as one Scouter told me, "can do and/or learn most everything any other Scout can do - it just requires a few more creative ways of doing and teaching." Several articles have already been contributed for the initial section.


If you or your Scouts wish to share your experiences and how you handle these special situations, email me at maryann@scouter.com. I'll be happy to talk with you about the possibility of finding some space in SCOUTER magazine or on the NetCompass in which to tell the rest of the Scouting community about it.



Online Editor, SCOUTER NetCompass

Managing Editor, SCOUTER Magazine


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As a disabled leader, I have had to overcome a lot of challenges in the last 4 years. Before my sons were old enough to join as Tigers, I lost a leg due to an infection from a farm accident. I now also fight Asthma, thyroid disorder, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and a poor immune system.


This past June I completed Wood Badge training at Camp Buffalo Bill, Wyoming. It took my entire patrol to do it, but we pulled together as a team and ALL of us completed the course. I am now the designated Assistant PL for our patrol. Much comes from what you want to accomplish, and are willing to try.

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