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MB counsolor in Bayarea CA

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My son went to a MB midway camp for his first aid and personal fitness MB. He accomplished almost everything but still need to complete one or two items.


Where can he go to have those uncompleted items sign off other than his own sm? Is there a MB counsolor lists available in Bayarea councils for us to check out?


Thank you.

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Your son's SM should have a list of registered MB counselors for your District. Your son (not you) needs to ask the SM for the names. Then your son should call the MBC and ask for an appointment.


BTW, I just spent a week in SF to attend a friend's wedding. Went to Alcatraz, Muir Woods and Sonoma. Stayed at a historic hotel on Nob Hill. Would love to live there...can't afford it. Beautiful city. Friendliest cab drivers in the country!

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