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Required - no.

Allowed - yes, but not as a condition of getting the badge.

You can hold a board of review any time you want to invite the boy to join you. We hold one any time we notice the scout hasn't been in for a bit too long just to see if he is happy and getting the support he deserves.


BTW: welcome to the fire. Good to see you jump right in with questions.



what camp troop does your troop use. Were in CT but have used several NY camps including C. S. Read and A.S.R.



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Relax, it is just a scout patch. I assume this is your son your worried about.


There are actual requirements to receive it, you just don't receive it by joining. His PL should sign off when the requirements are completed.


Here is a link to the requirements.



A board of review for the Scout Patch would be fantastic opportunity for him to get used to the system. As mentioned not a requirement but an opportunity.


Remember Boy Scouts is not about the rank advancement, but the experience. You will hear about the Patrol Method and Boy Led


Advancement is a natural in a well planned program.

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