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Transistion Plan for Advancement Changes

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Have someone in the District I serve asking, and our DAC is on vacation.


With the new Handbook on the street, has anyone seen or heard of a transition plan for those Scouts who are in progress... for instance, Star to Life?


If you've got a source, other than "My DAC said...", please, can you point me to it?


Thank you in advance, and YIS :)

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This could prove somewhat interesting for the new First Class requirement on practicing LNT on each of your 10 outings unless they give some sort of grace period. Are they going to require a kid who has been on any of the required 10 activities to go back and recount how he practiced LNT on them or does he just have to do it for the last one(s)? I'm sure guidance will be given, I just hope they've though that out.


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" I'm sure guidance will be given, I just hope they've though that out."


I doubt that it will be and I doubt that they have.


I think that Scoutmasters will have to sort this out on their own. It's probably going to be an SM's judgment call anyway. I think the paradox wound be to have the requirement say "show evidence that you have left no trace". I tried that one out on a couple our scouts. They all were accepting it until one said "wait a minute! If you've left no trace then there's no evidence". Bingo!


I would hope that every SM should put out the word starting here and now that every scout will practice LNT on every camp out. If any of the new scouts don't know what LNT is they should learn it before the next camp out. Truth is that we should all have been doing this already so maybe it's not such a big change. LNT for front-country is not all that high a bar to achieve and I would like to think that scouts were doing it before they knew what LNT was.


Anyone doing back-country should already be aware of and practice LNT. Putting it in the requirements is a good way of saying that "LNT is important and you should be thinking about it whenever you are camping or hiking and ultimately you will not advance if you don't".





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When the time comes, make a logical decision for your specific situation. Then move forward. No one should fault you should you be a bit too lenient in evaluating past criteria in relation to the newer requirements, as long as it is fair and logical.

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