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Non-active scout wanting Eagle

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Those were good answers, thanks.


You've got a young man who has been there and done that as SPL. He's worked hard. What is there to motivate him, to train him, to mentor him?


- Have folks talked with him about a slot on a Council Philmont Contingent?

- Have folks talked with him about CIT or camp staff status?

- Is he motivated and challenged by things in your OA chapter and Lodge?

- Are his particular interests such that it's time you consult with the Venturing Crew leaders in your District and see if there is a fit there?


Our role as adults is to ensure we have a challenging, motivating, excitement packed outdoor program for our young charges. If this young man has lost his way, look for opportunities for him to find it back. It's not all about making Eagle and punching out. It's about raising up fantastic young men, one at a time.


Right now, my particular thoughts are:


- Take him to breakfast somewhere. Listen to him, actively listen as he talks. Find out what's making him tick, inside Scouting and out. It's possible he's not attending much because he's bored, he's bored because he's not challenged.


- Talk to his parents. Make sure they are not pushing Scouting in the "BabySitters of America" mode.


- I personally believe in BORs whenever 3 members of the Committee are at a meeting. Get him inside a non-advancement BOR. That's an inherent Committee responsibility, both in the Troop Committee Handbook, the SM Handbook, and ACP&P. Non-advancement BORs, as well as SM conferences, are feedback ... and feedback is a gift.


When he and you have sorted out the why, the "how do I deal with this?" almost takes care of itself... he'll have shown both of you the roadmap.


Have fun with this. This young man sounds challenging, and worth being challenged, from afar.

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One thing to keep in mind is creating a SM leadship position is fine for Star and Life, but Eagle requires one from the National approved list. The SM cannot create a leadership position for Eagle.

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Been thinking on this some, as I hate to give up on a boy, even those who are pains. One thing you said keeps ringing in my brain,


"This particular boy was our first SPL; he was very motivated and loved his position as SPL. Then came election time. Several boys expressed interest in becoming the next SPL, we put them all on the ballot, however, this scout no longer wanted to be SPL and did not want to run. That was the beginning of his down hill slide."


Whenever someone's personality or behavior changes and we can point to the time it changed, we should ask ourselves, "Ok, what happened at that time in his life to cause the change?" Drugs, alcohol, depression, girl problems, problems at home, parent marital problems? All possibilities. Or maybe not. Maybe he's just a brat. In any event, it might be worth a SM conference with Mom and/or Dad to gently express concern. Has he lost interest in everything, or just Scouts? Maybe they are unaware...or maybe they are and might be grateful for the help. Just a thought. We are not shrinks and can only do what we can do. But maybe we shouldn't toss him to the curb quite yet.


(I'm getting soft in my old age, I guess)

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So, if he is really that inactive, why is he continueing to be placed on the charter every year. At the end of the year, inform him and his parents, that unless his attendance improves, he will be dropped from the charter, since he is bascially a non-active, non-participating scout.

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"One thing to keep in mind is creating a SM leadership position is fine for Star and Life, but Eagle requires one from the National approved list. The SM cannot create a leadership position for Eagle."


According to our Scout Executive, to whom I inquired about the Lone Scout option, I could create a leadership position. I did look it up on eaglescout.org and you are right, so I do not know. It does not really matter anyway due to the fact he did not want it. My next step is to talk to parents and just take it from there. Thanks for all the input.


(This message has been edited by Gutterbird)

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What was the rank of this scout during his tenure as SPL? If he served six months and he was a Life scout for the entire six months, he may have already met the POR requirement.

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Since he has not had a POR as a Life scout, that prevents any grief from falling on you over that issue. I agree with Ed, you have already gone the extra mile and the ball is now in his court, so to speak. He will have to attend troop activites on a regular basis to get elected to anything, or appointed. From his record of non-attendance, I don't think it's going to happen.

I would ask him when re-chartering time comes up if he even wants to be on the troop roster.

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