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IE 8 conflicting with internet advancement

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I despise the powerhouse of Microsoft, and why it is that BSA's MyScouting page doesnt work properly with Firefox or Safari (which I prefer) is a wonder to me.


I get the 403 error with IE 8, and of courde, the advancement section needs to be done with IE and nothing else.


Anyone know a way around it or have a link for me to downgrade back to IE 7 for Vista?



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It seems to work okay for me with IE8.


Perhaps there was something else going on that was causing the 403 error. I wouldn't rule out a PEBKAC considering how fast you jumped to the "It's MS's fault" conclusion.

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Umm, no Jet. Didn't say it was MS's fault at all. Just hate not being able to use Safari or Firefox for advancement on the BSA page. Thanks for playing though.


Doesn't change the way I feel about Microsoft when a bug in the system can render mysocuting page useless when it comes to an upgrade in the product.


Don't know that the problem exists between keyboard and chair, but thanks for the lousy help on your part. At least I can count on you for helpful and cheerful service! yea! go you.






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