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Youth Patriotism Awards

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Wanted to post a big thank you to all of the leaders out there that have taken my program and incorporated it into their yearly activities.


The program has been in existance for just short of 8 months and so far I have heard from well over a thousand leaders (comments, encouragement, questions, etc) and have received orders from 22 different states. 451 youths have completed requirements.


I have at least 4 leaders using part of my program for their Wood Badge ticket.


To say that I am humbled by the positive response would be an understatement.


For those of you that have not visited the program.. please take a moment and do so.


Yours in Scouting,

Brian Kale



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I just wanted to say that I have incorporated this program with my Scouts, and will continue to do for years. The medals ariived very quickly, and are gorgeous! Thanks for all of your work.


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