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Warm Fuzzy: Eagle Scout Mentor

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I just got back a little while ago from our Troop's first Eagle Court of Honor in several years. Very nice ceremony, with several local dignitaries attending and many very nice letters and certificates from local and state officials, the Governor, our Congressman and one of our Senators. Afterward, all the Scouts in attendance lined up and, one by one, shook our new Eagle's hand.


At the reception afterward, I pointed out to our new Eagle that there was an Eagle Scout Mentor pin with the presentation materials that he was entitled to give to an adult leader who he felt was very helpful to him on his trail to Eagle, and told him that I thought it would be very meaningful to either the Assistant Scoutmaster who had worked closely with him through the Eagle application process, or to the Assistant Scoutmaster who had collected all the great letters and coordinated the ECOH.


To my surprise, he told me he wanted to give it to me! He told me that he didn't think I got enough credit for the work I do for the Troop, and without further ado, took it out of the box and pinned it on my uniform.


Well, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. But a very nice surprise indeed!

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Congratulations and great job on all your hard work.


My nephew who lives 500 miles away named me as mentor at his Eagle Court of Honor. He listed all the ways in which I had encouraged and inspired him since he was Tiger at the ECOH. Some things I knew, many I had never realized. Being named his Eagle mentor is one of the things in my life I am most proud of.(This message has been edited by asm 411)

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