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Sorry if this has been discussed before because the Search function is not working right now (I got "page not found" error message).


As far as I can remember, First Aid has always been the prerequisite of E-Prep. And the E-Prep booklet that I bought from the Scout Shop also stated that. However, I downloaded the E-Prep worksheet from Boy Scout Trail and it stated that "Other requirements may be completed before you earn First Aid merit badge". So I wonder if it is possible to do them concurrently...sort of. But of course, the sections that require First Aid knowledge cannot be done before earning the First Aid MB.


Can someone please confirm if it is fine to do some of the E-Prep requirements before earning the First Aid MB? Has someone taught the E-Prep MB in such fashion before?


Any advice or idea will be very much appreciated.

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I believe the first requirement for Emergency Preparation says:


1. Earn the First Aid Merit Badge


That does not make it a prerequisite. Merit badge requirements can be done in any order unless a requirement specifically states otherwise. For instance in cycling merit badge"


9 After fulfilling requirement 8, lay out on a road map a 50-mile trip.



Hope this helps.



If I were counseling a Scout for E-prep I would strongly recommend that he do this requirement first though. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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Thanks for the response.


In August of each year (basically the beginning of a school year), our troop likes to plan and set up the calendar for the entire year. It includes the different campouts for each month and the Merit Badge classes to be taught throughout the year.


Somehow our PLC has planned for E-Prep classes in May (next month), but we only have a couple scouts who have "earned" First Aid. And there is no plan for First Aid class in this school year. Apparently, it is a planning error on the PLC side (I hope they learn from it which will be great). That's why I am hoping we can go ahead and start the E-Prep classes, but hold off those sections that require First Aid knowledge, advise the scouts to take First Aid MB at Summer Camp, then complete the E-Prep afterward.


But our SM believes "earn First Aid" = prerequisite, and the scouts cannot even start.


What do you think?(This message has been edited by substring)(This message has been edited by substring)

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As stated earlier, the First Aid merit badge is to be earned as part of the overall requirements of E Prep, just like any other requirement of the badge, to be done in any order, unless stated.


There are very few merit badges with other merit badges as a pre requisite. If there is one, it is stated in the requirement. The only merit badge like that to come to mind is Whitewater, which has this statement:


WHITWATER: Before doing requirements 4 through 13 earn the Canoeing merit badge if you will be using a canoe to earn this merit badge.


As opposed to the E Prep Statement


E PREP: Earn the First Aid Merit Badge.



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