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Scouting Awards for Academic Achievment

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Why aren't there any awards for scouts who excell in school. Shouldn't the Boy Scouts offer a medal or something for a 4.0 GPA. The Boy Scouts of America should be supporting scouts who do well in school, becuase it is helping them become better young men. There could be a different medal for different levels of achievement 3.0, 3.5, and the best medal for a 4.0 GPA. The national council could also create a list of academic achievement like some state's high school sports associations do. Like Louisiana has an Academic All State for those athletes who have a 4.0; an Academic All Region honor for a 3.5 and an Academic All District honor for a 3.0

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"Why aren't there any awards for scouts who excell in school."


I would gently suggest that there are already plenty of awards for academic achievement - honor rolls, student of the month honors, student-athlete awards, college scholarships - aside from the GPA itself.


Most Scouting awards and honors are for work done in the Scouting program. There are plenty of academic-type opportunities within Scouting - Scholarship, Reading and the Citizenship MBs, for starters - to help support and recognize Scouts who are talented or have interests in those areas.

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I reckon the bigger question is why aren't there school awards for Scouting? :)


Of course, if yeh want a tie-in with school, Scholarship MB is available. And there's nothing to stop individual troops from developing an academic award to give to their scouts if they want to.


Beyond that, I think boys who do well in school have plenty of opportunities to earn awards in school, eh? National Honor Society, and all the other stuff yeh mention seems like plenty of recognition for those achievements.


Since school achievements are well recognized and rewarded by the school, I'd just as soon see Scouting awards recognize Scouting achievements.



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AFAIK, the YAA is based on applications submitted by youth, not an award the council would just give out to a 'great student'. There is a form/application for it.


One thing about the YA Award that many don't know is that applications need not be involved in the BSA.





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Unfortunately the way my current council uses the YAA, it is an academic award. Info is given to every HS in the council for them to recommend the best well rounded person for the award, so they give it to the best student.


Apparently oneof the Exec brd. memberr got upset at a HS awards ceremony with the emphasis on sports and not academics. He pushed YAA ont he council as abn academic awards program, got sponsors for scholarships (don't know if they still do it or not)and it turned into a big deal in this council. Heck 2 national YAA recipients came form this council and were in SCOUTING in 96 and 98.

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Every once in awhile brother Beavah DOES write a response I understand and in this case I agree. A straight A student/scout has the honor roll, the National Honor Society and a few other organizations that will recognize his academic excellance, why would the BSA want to add to that?


I am not belittling academic excellance, I just don't see the need for the BSA to get into the academic excellance congratulatory game

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I agree with SR540BEAVER, Now that many of you have given me a new outlook on the academic situation, I now see that the BSA shouldn't really reward scout's for their academic achievement, because there are things like NHS and other honor societies. But, all of you are mostly incorrect about the YA awards because the award is designed for students ages 19-25. Boy Scouting doesn't go till 25; only Vent. goes to 21. Thanks for all of yall posts!

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Fellow Scouters,



Here's my two cents...


I certainly concur it would be nice for Scouting to recognize academic achievement and vice versa. Agreeing with both sides of eaglescout4029's and Beavah's comments.


Some of the current career academic achievement Scouting Awards that already exist within the BSA are the Navigators Career Award of Excellence Medal (14217) and the Navigators Character Award of Excellence Medal (14217).


I just don't see another medal to work towards. But possibly, a patch similar to the recruiting strip maybe....


But what would the criteria be?

Would everyone be equally eligible to begin working on it?

Would learning disabled or special needs Scouts have a fair and equal ability to earn the award?

Would it be only a Boy Scout recognition? Or would there be equivalent level recognitions in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing, and Learning for Life Explorers?

Would it be a onetime award (at the end of the 12th grade of high school)?

Would it encompass a GPA covering one year, four years, twelve years?

Would Gifted & Talented or Honor classes be a requirement?

What if different states use different achievement test standards? CAT, Terra Nova, etc


BSA has long been concerned with education in America, this reason is one of the foundations for why we exists. I concur that the BSA (and other Scouting associations) have made education and learning a priority, although not a formally recognizing academic credentials. Many academia contribute to the Cub Scout belt loop and Scout merit badge program literature. Boys Life magazine specifically has been written to assist with reading and increase literacy. Specifically the Cub Scout handbook for Sports and Academics was renamed to the Academic and Sports program about 7-8 years ago.


Bottom line, I'm all for an academic achievement patch (with requirements) that all Scouts can earn for the temporary patch placement on the right pocket. But I'm not enthusiastic about another medal.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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After achieving Eagle, Palms require that a Scout show leadership. It no longer requires a leadership position in the Troop. Leadership at school certainly counts for this and can be considered a way of having an award for academic achievement.

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