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I know parents are not totally objective but yes this is definitely an age thing. The SM stated "this is a chow line and your son didn't get here first". My son has NEVER been a problem child or had an attitude issue. He lives by the scout oath and law in every thing he does. He has never, and I do mean, never been in trouble for anything and there is definitely no scout spirit issue. Unless you count showing up every week, being the top salesman in fundraisers and turning out to 90% of events. He does anything a leader asks of him. Not necessarily perfect, but he has never had an issue with anyone until he did his eagle project write up before the other 14 life scouts. He is an A student, volunteers regularly and is an all around nice kid. I know I just sound like a proud parent, and I am because my son is one of those kids who lives it. Is he perfect? Absolutely not. Is he a well liked, well rounded scout who does his best. Yes. Has he disappeared from scouting upon making life, no. He has stepped it up and been punished for it. I'll keep you posted to what happens.

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OK, I believe you. Unless he wants to find a new unit, his only recourse is to politely request a signature on his Eagle Leadership Project plan. If the SM refuses, request the reasons in writing. In the meantime, finish his merit badge and POR (making sure he does a good job with it, not just wearing the patch). Then file a written appeal with the Council Advancement Chair (since the SM is also the District AC), cc the Scout Executive. The fact that there are other, older Life scouts in the "chow line" ahead of him is irrelevant and has nothing to do with your son's advancement. Advancement is not a team sport.

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