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Well, lemme think... Without the "Requirements" book in front of me,


How 'bout Paul Bunyan, 50 Miler, Scout Band, "Triple Crown"...


Oh, and check with your local Council, might be some purely local things.


Here in Merlun, (local dialect), you can earn a special patch for traversing the C&O Canal.

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If you mean BSA member rather than strictly "Scout", there are tne many Cub Scout awards ending up with the Arrow of Light.


There are the Venturing Awards of Bronze, Gold, Silver, Ranger, Quest and Trust.


There is the Quartermaster Award of Sea Scouting.

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Here is a list from a presentation I put together about Venturing Recognition and some of the other awards that could be earned.


50 Miler Award

Historic Trails Award

William T. Hornaday Awards

World Conservation Award

Boardsailing BSA

BSA Lifeguard

Mile Swim, BSA

Snorkeling, BSA

Kayaking, BSA

Scuba, BSA

BSA National Camping Award

Physical Fitness Award

Emergency Preparedness Award

Crime Prevention Award

Donor Awareness Patch

International Activity Badge

Interpreter's Strips

Lifesaving and Meritorious Awards

Religious Emblems


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Young American Award. not any have heard of it, but it's very easy to get. I've seen one council give out 100+ of those at a banquet. basically all you do is apply and if accepted you get it. Ther eis also a BSA Know to go with it.

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I do not know if you are looking for individual or unit, lets not forget the Quality unit. I also know that our council has what is called a Tarten Guard Award. Our Pack earned this one this year.


I also saw somewhere at our council an award (National Camp Award I think) that a Scout earns for 100 nights of camping.

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If your chartered to a VFW Post, they have an Eagle Scout of the Year Award on the state and national level.


Also, some of your religions have additonal awards specific to a religion or a regional area, other then the Emblems Awards. The National Catnolic Committee on Scouting has several different patch and awards programs they offer, as well as the more local CCS's.


WOSM has several awards for scouts on an international level. These awards range from conservation and enviromental related issues to social related issues. Check out the site at www.scout.org.

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