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need to Vent (Eagle process)

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Beavah, it goes the other way as well. In my line of work in which there are hundreds of applicants for each position, and in which we have to WRITE letters for our graduating students as well as do the interviews for applicants who are usually graduating students from other programs, we usually do not ask for the letters for the first cut. Even at that, some faculty have to write hundreds of letters each year...all required for jobs such as those in your field.

We recognize that this is reality for us. Therefore, we also recognize that many faculty simply don't have the time to write all those letters and won't. So we don't ask for the letters until we have the final ten or so applicants. There are plenty of other criteria on which to base those first cuts. Saves time and efforts for everyone.


I wouldn't make the comparison to a job interview at all in order to keep the rank of Eagle as distinctive and unique as it is and to avoid further confusion. To me it is better to understand the requirements for Eagle, including the EBOR (I'm sitting in one tonight), and to do as well as we can for the boys. It isn't really that hard.

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