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The Scout Executives Active Outdoor Challenge

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In Scouting Magazine this month (p.24) there is a brief blurb about "The Scout Executive's Active Outdoor Challenge." It reads:


"Requirements for the patch are simple: 'Get your Scouts outside and active for 12 monthly activities.' Any active outdoor activity qualifies, for eample: sailing kayaking, climbing, backpacking, orienteering, rollerblading, caving, sledding -- anything that gets Scouts outside and moving.

Service projects, camporees, and summer camp do not qualify.

When a pack, troop, or crew completes 12 consecutive monthly activities and a leader turns in a form, each youth receives a patch."


I've searched for program details, or the form, or any resources online and come up almost completely empty.


Anyone done this? or have a pointer to additional resources?

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Here's what I found



How did I find this? Used a methodical internet search as opposed to a shotgun of keywords...and luck.

1. You read the article and know that he, Audun Mikkelson, is the Scout Executive of the Great Alaska Council

2. Google for Great Alaska Council


3. On its homepage, click Search and enter the word Challenge

4. Select Scout Executive's Challenge webpage

5. This page has some info but scroll to bottom and click

download Flyer and Tracking Sheet and you have above link



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