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Who Can Sit on EBORs?

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Don't have the guidelines in front of me, so I can't quote chapter and verse, but if memory serves ANYONE can serve on a BOR except SM, ASMs, and parents. For an EBOR you must have at least 1 council representiative sit on it, usually someone on the district level.


Now some districts have an EBOR group that meet every month and their only job is EBORs.


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You would need to ask your local council who may makeup the board of review.


From the Board Of Review Training....


"The Eagle Scout board of review is chosen by the local council based on its experience and tradition. Councils may constitute Eagle boards of review from among the Scout's troop committee members, but only if at least one member a district or council Eagle advancement representative. The board can be constituted of district or council Eagle representatives only. Or it can be constituted with members of the community who are not registered Scouters, but then only if they have an understanding of the importance and purpose of the Eagle board."


See http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/trainingmodules/board%20of%20review%20training.aspx



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The only restriction I see in ACP&P #33088 is the candidate's immediate/extended family, Scoutmaster and ASMs, as program side people, may not sit the EBOR.


The COR may certainly sit the EBOR, in fact, he can declare a place at the table if he/she so chooses. That said, Beavah's comment about "lightly" comes to mind.

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You will not find a list of who can be cause iot is to extensive. You will only find an explanation of who cannot, and the CR is not on the that list as long as they are not a relative of the candidate's.


One clarification. While the Unit Leader (remember that not all Eagle candidates are Boy Scouts) cannot be on the panel at the board of review they can be present, and may answer questions directed to them by the board if clarificatiuon on a topic is required.


So while the unit leader (Scoutmaster, Skipper, Adviser, Coach) cannot aske questions of the Candidate they may be present and can participate in a specific and limited manner.

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Yah, OldGreyOwl, it sounds like there's some backstory here, eh?


Care to share?


Generally speakin', as the representative of the troop's owner and a member of the BSA council, a COR not only can sit on an Eagle BOR, he or she should sit on an Eagle BOR whenever possible.


Only prohibition for EBOR's is that the boy's unit leader, assistant unit leaders, relatives or guardians may not serve on the board. They may, as BW point out, be present. (Ref. ACP&P #33088)




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Bob White,


Where does it say a Scoutmaster can be present a board of review. I don't have a copy of the Advancement Committee Guide Policies and Procedures handy but this statement is in the Board Of Review Training...


"The Scoutmaster can introduce the Scout to the board members and may sit with him to hear the board's decision, but should not be present during the actual board of review."


In any case the members of an Eagle board of review is at the discretion of the local council and the CR may or maynot have that privelege.


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As BW most likely intended to say, ACP&P #33088 proscribes the Scout/Venturer's direct contact program leaders from sitting any Board of Review.


That means:


Assistant Scoutmaster in a Boy Scout Troop


Associate Advisor in a Venturing Crew.


The Scoutmaster may introduce the Scout to the Board. He may stay in the room to clarify any point specifically asked him. He is NOT a member of the BOR, and may not vote on the decision to elevate to the next rank.





The Chartered Partner is the owner of record of BSA's license to operate a franchse of a program. As such, it is never inappropriate for the IH and COR to sit on something as important as an EBOR.


They own the unit; they can assert said ownership rights.


Now, what's the backstory, as Beavah asked?(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Thanks John, but what I said was accurate. the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures allows for "the unit leader" not any unit leader, or an assistant unit leader, but "the unit leader" to stay in the room during the questioning by the board. He or she as I explained cannot ask questions but may only anwers questions asked of them by the board should they need clarification on anything.


(also see step 9 of the 12 Steps From Life to Eagle which is part of the Eagle Scout Service Project Planning Kit.)


"The unit leader" of a Troop is the Scoutmaster, of a Ship: the Skipper, of a Team: the Coach, and of a Crew: the Advisor. Any of theose units are capable of having a Scout earn the Eagle Rank.


Yes, the local council advancement committee volunteers have the authority to choose the BOR members. I would think it unwise to specifically exclude the voting members of the council and district committees, the CRs, from their own unit's BOR unless they have a really good reason. Especially since the BSA does not exclude them.


The BSA only excludes a very few people. They are The Unit Leader, the assistant unit leaders (note they identify them separately), relatives and legal guardians of the candidate.


Anyone else may serve on the condion that "they understand the importance and purpose of the Eagle Board of Review".


Regardless of the backstory those are the rules.





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Thanks for all of your inputs.


Backstory is that I have a VERY active CR that would like very much to sit in on some of the Scouts EBOR, since he has been with them for a very long time. I was informed by the chair of the EBOR that the CR CANNOT sit on the board.


I figured that he could, so I wanted to check with you-all to find out where it might be written as to who may and may not sit on the board.


Thanks again.

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