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Packmaster (or Troopmaster) Award Cards

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Our troop uses Troopmaster (which we love), and we discussed using them, but decided to stay with the handwritten look. First there was the card quality, which is a thicker stock on the BSA issued cards. Second was the too impersonal look, which we liked the handwritten look (our advancement chair has nice penmanship). Finally, troopmaster is run by our database manager, and advancement is taken care of by our advancement chair. They decided it was easier to stay with the old way, rather than coordinate and do something new.

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Our troop uses Troopmaster, and our previous advancement coordinator used the generated award cards and liked them; our current ac has not used them.


The pack I am associated with uses Packmaster, but does not use the cards. We looked at using them and though they were great, our decision not to use them hinged on the cost. Our pack is well funded, but we would rather spend the money more directly on the boys.


Sorry I cannot offer you more.

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