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At our recent COH, several Scouts were recognized for completing their second or third 50-milers (they've done backpacking, bicycling, and canoeing). Most weren't interested in receiving a second or third huge, identical patch, but they would like to have a way of marking these subsequent trips.


Does anyone use year bars or some sort of rocker or segment placed below or around the standard patch, to show that the Scout has done more than one 50-miler? If so, where do you buy these? I'm tempted to buy the year bars at my local GS store and hand those out, because I can't find anything more suitable.




--Kim near Seattle

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My troop had a bead necklace, or totem, that we usd to keep track of various things, i.e. Totin Chip, religious retreats, campouts, summer camp, 50 milers, etc. So everytime you did one, you got a bead. I wore 3 of them.


Anotehr thing besides the cloth patch to get them would be the leather ont that goes on their packs. I still have the pack I did 2 of my fifty milers with and it has that patch on it still.

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